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History of the ogre eater

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2002 2:29 am    Post subject: History of the ogre eater Reply with quote

This book deals with the strange and hidiously ugly creature know as the ogre eater. For many years people have wondered why they see headless ogres on the eastern forest floor and it was soon discoverd that the one responisble for this was a bulky grey 6 eyed monster, few knew of what this thing was as many ran at the sight of it and for good reason as i have discoverd first hand.

This...thing went about its buissness riping off the heads of Ogers and had little taste for the people of the local town (as there bones were not as crunchy).
This was to the people of Elerilna likeing as they could easly pass throught the eastern forest safely to the town of Kentwood for tradeing. Tradeing began attracting many merchants from around the world and through trial and error it was discoverd that the ogre eaters heart was a remedy for many diseases. At the discovering of this the heart of the ogre eater was in high demand and merchants set up a very good bounty for the killing of the Ogre eater. As the ogre eaters were killed daily the population of them began to decrease rapidly.

Local forest druids noticed this but had little care for ogre eaters because they were so ugly and not considered an asset to the forest. Ogres began to grow and roam freely as the ogre eater were now too few in number to kill them. The hunting of the ogre eater almost came to a halt because there was none to be found and a new problem arose ... ogres were attacking people traveling through the easten forest. Nowadays Ogre eaters are still hunted where they can be found but only the stongest can do so. the forest pass and beyond is still dangerous with ogres and people now either take the rift gate or have an escort.

You could almost feel sorry for the ogre eater and some have the ops (ogreeaters protection society) have formed a very small group and are trying to stop people hunting the oger eaters in hope that there will be enough to reduce the oger population that now have become familliar in the ways of mageic and are a major danger to the local town of Elerilna. (pictures of the oger eater can be found at ...........)
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PostSat 12/21/02 2:50pm
I am going to send about 5 of our books in at once. We have 2 now that u put this up. I'll tellu when i send them to the DMs.  Reply with quote
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