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Tips for taking screenshots in NWN

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 24, 2002 8:31 pm    Post subject: Tips for taking screenshots in NWN Reply with quote

Here are some tips which will make taking high quality screenshots a whole lot easier if you plan to take a lot.

The old way: hit Print Screen to take .TGA screenshots which end up in your NWN dir. Then convert the .TGA files to .JPGs and upload. It's a hassle.

The better way:

NWN Camera Hack - Essential for taking quality screenshots (not to mention regular play! heh) Get here: http://nwvault.ign.com/Files/hakpacks/data/1028560389795.shtml

Extract it, make a copy of your nwnmain.exe so that you can copy the file back in order to do NWN updates, and install. I suggest using the 'Brandon's Settings" button.

This makes for great screenshots because you can get camera angles not available by default with NWN. And you can go to FPS (first person view) mode and get screenshots which don't have you in the center of every one!

Clipper - Makes it really easy to make screenshots suitable for posting on the dysoforums gallery or elsewhere. Download this file: /files/clipper_en.zip

Extract the file into your main NWN directory. You may want to make a shortcut to it on your desktop too, because you need to start this program whenever you go into NWN expecting to take screenshots.

This program creates a JPG of the current screen and sticks it in its working directory (your main NWN directory) whenever you hit PrintScreen. The files are numbered. UPDATE it seems this program will overwrite your existing JPG files each time you start the clipper program over, it starts numbering back at 1. So if you use it you will have to move the JPGs to another directory each time you start the program again .. I will see if I can find a better solution.

You should probably change your Screen Capture control key in NWN to some unused key on your keyboard if it's set to Print Screen. It is in the Misc. controls page. If you don't do that then you'll probably make a TGA and a JPG every time you press the key.

Hide your GUI, and show tooltips - Many times you can make a nicer looking screenshot if you hide your GUI. The key for this is H by default in NWN.

Another nice thing to do is hold down the Tool Tips key (Tab key by default in NWN) while you take a screenshot, then you can see everybody's names in the screenshot. Good for historical records icon_smile.gif


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PostTue 12/24/02 9:37pm
BTW that camera hack is the best thing you could possibly download for NWN, better than any Bio patch.  Reply with quote
PostWed 12/25/02 2:17am
TY I couldn't get the pics i took on the website but this should hlp ty! And I'll chk out the camra hack!  Reply with quote
PostWed 12/25/02 7:46am
Please see my UPDATE to original post.  Reply with quote
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