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General Course of Action

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2003 6:44 pm    Post subject: General Course of Action Reply with quote

This is our General Course of Action.

The Council will operate within this "rules" in normal situations...
If there is a situation that cannot be dealt with by following these steps, the problem must be brought to a discussion.

1) a crime is witnessed either by a member or a non-member of the council.

2) the member who knows about this crime must post the description of the crime, mentioning "Crime Report" in the title of the topic.

3) the members analize the description and, if one of the Magisters decides that the case is worthy of being judged, he/she will then create a NEW topic, mentioning "Judgement" in the title.
From that moment, that Magister will be the responsable for that case, and he/she will have to coordinate the rest of the Council in order to solve the case.

4) The Magisters will analize the description again and will send someone (either one of them or an enforcer) to inform the law breaker that he is being accused of a crime and is going to be judged. He will be informed that he has the right to a trial and a date/time must be arranged if he wants to be in the trial.

4a) If the accused refuses to be in the trial, no trial will be done and the judgement will be done in the "Judgements Forum" (unless of course we feel there is the need to hear witnesses or the victim. In that case, a trial must be done anyway, although, without the accused).

4b) If the accused accepts to be in the trial, the trial shall take place in at the date and time scheduled.

5) Only ONE Magister (preferably the responsible for the case) is necessary for the trial.
If there is a possibility of hearing the victim(s), the accused(s) and possible witnesses all toghether in the same session, the Magister(s) should do it.
However, and since this is very difficult to achieve, the Magister(s) may hear the involved parts INDIVIDUALLY.
The trial will be used to hear all of the involved parts (accused, victim and witnesses).

6) After the trial, a complete report must be made.
If all the involved parts are heard in the same session, a report of that session will have to be made by the Magister who led the trial.
If the involved parts are heard individually, there will have to be a report for every interrogation made, to each different person.
After the report(s) is(are) posted, ALL the magisters will give their opinion on the case and ONLY THEN, the sentence will be decided.

NOTE: If there are at least 3 Magisters online to make the trial, the sentence can be decided by the end of the trial by those 3 Magisters (my suggestion is that, after they hear all the people involved, they discuss the case in party chat, and then take a decision). This way they won't have to wait for the other Magisters' opinion here in the forum.
They will still have to report what happened in the trial in the "Judgements" forum, and the sentence will still have to be posted in the "Sentences" forum so that the Enforcers can apply it.

7) When the Magisters decide what the sentence should be, they must post it in the same topic where the judgement took place and an Enforcer must declare him/herself responsible for applying it. (of course he/she can take more enforcers with him/her if necessary).

8) Upon applying the sentence, the Enforcers must inform the criminal of what his sentence is and then apply it.
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