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It was a dark and stormy night... part 2

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Ryld Argith

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2003 7:27 pm    Post subject: It was a dark and stormy night... part 2 Reply with quote

It was a dark and stormy night, lightning crackled and raced across the skies, hurling down to splash into the ocean and release it's anger upon any creature that got in it's way... lightning flashed again and a lone dark figure was seen walking... how can it be? A figure walking upon water? Surely this must be an illusion... it is not however... the lone dark figure was walking, physically upon the top of the water... red skull helm glistening brightly as an aura of red light shone around him, lighting his path... slowly but surely the dark figure moved without hesitation and with a determined stride, not flinching in the least when a bolt hurled down and slammed into the water not 5 feet away from him... he felt his hair stand on end as the current surged into his body... it gave him a feeling of power, knowing that not water, not lightning, not any natural force could begin to touch what he had become... with a smile hidden beneath an evil wicked helm he traveled on, uncertain of what had transpired in his absence from the island he held dear to himself... he walked on and on until the skies became clear, he had out ran the storm and was within view of the isle he had once treaded upon... he came into view of the lights of a peaceful quiet city not more than 3 miles away, his keen elven eyesight clearly spotting the docks that he had first walked on in his time there... as he walked along he thought he was home free at last, but fate however had a test once more for him... the fish started jumping up wildly around the lone drow, he quickly realized that one of the sea beasts that inhabited the land must be coming up for him, out flashed an acid dripping greatsword, in less than a second it was sitting on his shoulder ready to cut into anything that would attack his person... the fish stopped jumping... the beast came at him wildly, rushing for his legs and trying to swallow him whole... he jumped with all his strength narrowly avoiding being eaten alive, he did not favor cutting his way out of the belly of the great white shark, the beast turned on him once more, rushing at him again... this time however he did not flinch as the crazed animal came at him, a second before he would have been swallowed he jump with all his might into the air, launching himself at least 30 feet off the surface of the water, out twirled the greatsword, pointing straight down as he came back down, in he drove it with all his strength into the stupid beasts brains, killing it instantly... blood filled the water where he stood, the beast began to fade from view, back into the water where the beast would find it's grave... he looked at his greatsword, a special relic from his adventuring days upon the isle, and smiled... it had never failed him to this day... he slid the weapon back into it's scabbard and continued walking until he got within arms reach of the docks, the boats gently floating tied to port where he had always remembered them... he knew as he passed however that his target had returned and would be running still... he decided it was time to come home, and so he had... back to the isle he had left nearly 6 months before... he looked around... behind him the storm had caught up with him and it began to rain... he removed his red skull helmet and looked up for the first time in so very long, water glistening against his black skin, purple eyes dripping, but not from the rain... water beaded against his tightly cropped hair as he felt alive for the first time since he had left... the moment was fleeting however and he soon realized he had come with a purpose and could not allow his thoughts and feeling to cloud his judgment... he opened his eyes set firmly level with the rest of his body and put his helmet back on, his special helmet that had helped him for so very long, penetrating illusions of the worst kind and helping him to spot the most dire of dangers... he pulled his blade from the scabbard and smiled... he had come home and set foot on the docks once more.. he was home.. and Ryld had not come without a purpose... it was time to kill...it was time to find Glith...
The forgotten drow master of Dysotopia.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2003 8:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


*rummages frantically through dust encrusted tomes*

Well, lets just say this harks back to some of Dysotopia's darker days.
Your Friendly Scottish Hardass Ex-Moderator
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2003 2:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

((why didnt this guy show up before i lost my memory?!!?
roar i say))
After reading on glith in the libary,You shall not harm him,with out passing me((oh well))
Cain Darkwind- Priest Of Helm
Raziel- Drow Assassin
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