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Silvanus' Power- A Druid's Story

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2003 11:39 pm    Post subject: Silvanus' Power- A Druid's Story Reply with quote

IC: Selene

*You are walking down a crowded street. As you walk a voice enters your mind. It seems everyone else has heard it to for the all stop and stand still. You hear the beautiful voice of a woman as she begins to speak*

Hello my name is Selene, Selene Wolf Druid of the Predators of the DYsotopian Circle to be precise. I am currently speaking to you through a crsytal ball that my God Silvanus gave me. She called me to her domain a little bit after the shrine "incident". Oh, right, let me start at the begginning.

It all started in Kangerlah. I was planting some seeds of an Orantami Tree when a small bird came up to me. He was quite friantic and began to tell me of a Drow in the city of Eleriina. She said that this Drow would have power to rock the world and bring great pain. Not again, I though, and rushed to Eleriina.

When I got there I saw a dwarf and 2 drow talking in the marketplace. I learned later that the dwarf's name was Blake Goodmane. The 2 drow were named Leira (please tell me last name can't remeber) and Kuro Kitsune. I transformed into a badger and began to spy on them. It was only a minute before they noticed me. Leira did nothing, however Kuro said she wanted to freeze me and cook me. She began to harass me with rays of frost and Balke said I needed cooked and attacked me with fire. Can you imagine? Luckely I transformed into a human before they could finish.

They all seemed suprised. Suddenly a man walked by us and said it was raining. A lightning bolt hit him and he died and a poison cloud swept over his body disolving it. The drow named Kuro laughed and then casted a spell and everything became dark. This is about the time people started arriving including my friends, Lylander and Jayden. Both Druids the joined with me to investigate. Kuro escaped and we went to inspect the man's body. A guard came up and we began to tell her what had happened. Blake continualsy tried to steal items off of his dead body ((loot not pp)).

We spoke to her for a bit when suddenyl the plaza went totally dark. A voice came from the middle and we began to recoginize the drow Kuro. When one of my friends dispelled the darkness Kuro was standing there on a RIFT GATE! The guard and I were immediatly worried though the others did not seem to understand the severity of the situation. I lerned that this rift gate could bring creatures from both Hell's Pit and the Underdark. Kuro said she would destroy the twon and began to bring hell's creatures upon us. Everyone fought, including Blake, even when Balors appeared.

We won and Kuro disspapeared. I ersed the rift gate and made a holy seal in the form of a glowing tree upon the spot. Lylander, Jayden, and I went around Eleriina looking for the Drow though she had disspaeared. We returned to the spot . Blake was there and dead as well. People had gathered and we learned that he had tried to chop down the tree. I looked at him in pity and that is when Kuro appeared.

I attempted to capture her or make her leave but as I did so a man named Lucifer came up. He was an evil necromancer and did not like my seal at all. He immediatly tried to destroy it and died in the process. I turned my attention back to Kuro. Eventually a force came over Lucifer and Blake. The holy seal had no more power and Blake and Lucifer ddestroyed it with powerful items and a spell of lightning.

Kuro laughed and Balors and Underdark creatures returned. We faught hard and won. Kuro escaped again. Lucifer had escaped during the battle and I have not seen him since. Blake however stayed and laughed and talked about something called a "cookie". I heared a call from my god Silvanus and preseded to our secret Druid Shrine where trees and a campfire glowed. During the fight we met a person named Drudo who showed love for the seal andf portected us. He joined with us and we made our way to the shrine.

When we got there Blake and Kuro were already there. They were destroying the trees and injuring everything severley. They killed our wolven and guardians and were laughing as they did it. I called upon Silvanus for her power and she sent Air Elementals to us. They attacked Blake but Kuro hid in the shadow attempting to escape. The Air Elementals and our party of four (Lylander, Drudo, Jayden, and I) as well as some others (Leira, A pladain (need name) and others who followed us) fought long and hard at the Shrine.

Eventually both Blake and Kuro lay dead upon the ground. Unfortuanetly Kuro's god was powerful as well and raised her in the midst of the confusion after the battle. She escaped out of the Shrine and ran off into the night. I used Silvanus' powr to raise my fallen comrades who had died. Silvanus recalled her Air Elementals and then spoke to me. She told me to come to her domain and learn a new type of power, Spirit Energy. I thanked her, bid good-bye to my friends, and floated up into the Forest Plane.

Silvanus helped me a great deal and I hope next time maybe we'll get the Drow for good.

*the voice exits all the minds except for the Druids*

My friends I thank you all. I will return soon and hopefully be much more powerful when I do. I think Drudo should become a member of the FotF Snares for saving my life 3 times in the battles and defending our shrine.

*the voice fades out of existenc but you know you will see her soon*
/IC: Selene

OOC:THIS ALL ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! The DMs (DM and The Hand of Fate) helped all of us out and hosted this!!! A big thanks to those two (I'm not sure whic they are) and to all the DMs you guys rock! Any KotLS member wanna turn this into a book or report? I don't have time.
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