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PostTue 04/22/03 10:57pm
Stopped Playing Dyso? I just played with you a few days ago... what happened?  Reply with quote
Dyso MOD|Forum Admin

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2003 11:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

just another assy action pulled, hell i've seen so many assy moves during my stay and it this was just another one. but that isn't what made me leave. in the past seeing those actions hurt like hell, since they made the server worse and i loved the server. but this time i couldn't even be bothered to care. and if a "game" stops being fun to play, then why would i still do it? it's a game it's meant to be fun. now i'm not saying there isn't any fun ingame anymore, ofcourse there is and there always will be. i had great fun with you the other day but i lost heart for the server. hell i'll miss playing with you people since i always had great fun with you people. but that's thanks to you, not thanks to the server anymore, and everytime i log in i see things that pain me too much to continue playing it. and it's ok, i'm just one person and although i hate that it didn't went as i hoped it would, it's ok. i had my fun, i had my glory. and i can literarily cry when i think back to the days i had soo much fun in dyso and when i see how untouched i am by the server now. but that is alright, unlike some other people i never expected bri and gesh to make dyso the way i wanted it, ofcourse i would have liked to see it become the way i wanted but hey that didn't work out and that's alright. i have never complained to bri and nor will i ever, i said some thing i thought needed changing and gave my arguments sometimes but i never complained (or at least not intentially). i owe bri a lot for making this something so much fun to do that i spend 7 or more months with it. and i'll treasure all the fun memories i have, from the first time i talked to bri to the long talks i had with you. and i'll miss all of you people i don't have on any instant messenger, Nei,ogt, a lot of others and conrad, probably conrad most of all.
i'm trying to finish anuiron's background (always knew how it went just never wrote it down), if you want i'll send it to you to read (be carefull though, 2,5 pages and counting) though it includes nothing from my time in dyso you might find it fun/interesting to read or you might not that's fine with me too as long as your honest about it.
well i probably left out a lot, but that's all i can think of right now.

"all hero's must have an ending"

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Great Deity

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 8:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, I already knew about that, and that is probably also one of the reasons why I am more busy with other things than with Dyso, I'm way too busy with a load of things to be on Dyso, but a while ago, I would've just let those things go and played on Dyso anyway. I'm not gone yet, but somehow, the server has indeed lost some of it's appeal to me, I will probably be around on the forums for a while, and maybe in-game a very little bit every now and then, but not frequent enough to make any kind of difference, or to be at any kind of meeting, that's why I also asked Maestrom to do stuff, since I won't be able to.... Sadly enough icon_sad.gif

Ah well, this is not a goodbye of any kind from me, though, but solo got me into a weird mood...

Ah well, I still hope to see you people in game sometimes, but don't get your hopes up...

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Joined: 04 Jan 2003
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PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2003 1:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I must say i am 100% with you anurion, this was once the best and the only server that was worth time playing, but it lost soo much since those days, and its not just because of the wipe and the changes... i lost my will playing dyso already before the wipe...it was amasing how i did my usual move: came to the computer pressed neverwinter nights --> dysotopia but suddenly i said to my self...hey i dont feel like playing this anymore and left. well i REALLY miss the old dyso with the old friends that already left long time ago, this is even sad in a way, well if you are leaving then good luck to you! ill miss ya and all of you guys.
i actually left a long time ago but i do pop in to say hello sometimes...maybe ill be back maybe not, but the thing that wont come back is the old dyso i liked very much.
i dont know what about you anurion but ill still be on the forums..will you still be on the forums or pop in dyso to say hello?
well after all, i wish you good luck anurion and ill miss you icon_cry.gif

p.s: might sound funny shadow but anurions post change my mood alot too, it even made me feel sad how much i agree with him, and i was just thinking about the same things as him lately.
Elextra worrior of the howling wolves

Balrron Saurcain the rude cleric
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