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Dyso 3.x - My views

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PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2003 8:52 pm    Post subject: Dyso 3.x - My views Reply with quote

Ok, so a lot of talk is going on about the changes that have been made in 3.x, how 2.x was a lot better, and so on...

I've been thinking a bit on all the changes that were made and on those that were left behind, and here are my views:

- The new XP system

Good concept. By making the leveling process a lot more difficult, the idea was to get rid of powergamers and focus everyone's minds on RP. The first part worked just fine... a lot of the powergamers left, BUT unfortunatly, there was another effect... a very ironic effect... a lot of good RPers turned into true powergamers themselves... why? very simple... First of all, it's very hard to get any respect in this island. A person will not be taken seriously if he/she is 10 levels below yours. So, for most people it is VITAL to get to a decent level BEFORE starting to RP. I've already talked to several people recently and most (if not all) of them said the same thing "I want to get to lvl 15, then I'll RP". Also, don't forget that most of the "decent" items have level restricitons and that you can't get to some of the key areas of the mod with a low lvl character, under penalty of getting a severe butt kick from a monster twice as big as you or an evil PK on a rampage. Another problem is that, since there's nothing much to do... people just take a "let's go bash trolls" stance.
And last, but not least, gold resorces. It's pretty hard to get any money when you're a low level. The big money is in places where only high level characters can go...

And that's it... we got rid of the old powergamers, and we created new ones. By making the leveling harder, we didn't took the people's mind off leveling... we just made them spend more time on them...

My suggestion is something that is already being done, but must be done a lot more often and in a larger scale.
RP must be rewarded. If people were able to lvl up by RPing, instead of having to go bash monsters, they would certainly do it.
I mean, XP should be given to everyone that is seen RPing... creating nice RP situations, acting IC, participating in the DM events... in my opinion, a good RPer should be able to level up as fast as a guy that spends his time hacking and slashing alone in the crypts.
A paladin is helping some low levels out - he should get XP. An evil character manages to kidnap the mayor's dauther - he should get XP.
The same could be done in the opposite situation... a person that is acting against RP rules (eg. constantly talking OOC, killing without RP motive, etc) should lose XP.
I mean, the situation right now is like this -> you have two choices: either you go bash monsters and ignore RP, knowing that you will earn a lot of XP and will be able to reach high levels and become a powerfull character, OR you dedicate yourself to RP, knowing that you MIGHT get some XP, but certainly not enough to get you to those high levels.
Now, if RP is rightfully rewarded, the situation can be like this -> if you go bash monsters, you earn some XP BUT if you RP decently you'll get a lot more!
This way, people will role play for sure!

Of course this cant be done by some script. It must be done by the DMs... like i said, they're already doing this, but I think it must be done more often and the rewards must be much bigger, so that people will actually have a big PRACTICAL advantage in RPing.

- Money System

This was another of the big changes in 3.x.
You get less gold from monsters and get a LOT less gold selling your items to the NPCs. Gems play an important role now.
Many people disagreed with this system, saying that there's no point in it.
But let us think about it... This system was meant to promote trades between players.. and guess what? It worked!
Never before I've seen so many characters (especially rogues) standing in Eleriina's market selling stuff.
Since you don't get any decent gold from selling your items to the shopkeepers, you can always sell them to other players! And frankly, I think it's a lot more interesting and fun to buy something from a real person, since you can actually negotiate!
Commerce is doing great, thanks to this new system!

I'll suggest the same thing I suggested a while back: a PC market. A place where PCs can have their own shops and sell their stuff. Everyone will know where to go when they want to buy something from a PC.
Gesh mentioned that this will be implemented in Rebirth. Actually, you will be able to buy stuff OUTSIDE the game, which is fantastic. But until then, this market would be a nice addition.

- New areas

Well, this was good. Dysotopia grew a lot in 3.x and you now have a lot more places to go.
The minotaur's maze was a nice addition... i always kinda liked minotaurs.
Anyway, I think that it would have been a bit more interesting to see some "unfinished" areas finished or upgraded (especially the cities).

Like I said... upgrading some existing areas would be more productive. Also, most of the new areas seem also a bit unfinished. A lot of open space, and few interesting sites worth seeing.

- (New) Quests

I don't know of the existence of any new quests in 3.x. Maybe there are some, but Ive never seen them.
It's a pitty that with the introduction of new areas, we didn't see the addition of new quests.
Personally I would have prefered new quests instead of new areas. I mean.. it's cool to have new places to go... but that's it... you go there, bash some monsters *yawn* and you're done.
It's obvious that with no quests, people will get bored pretty easily. Also, the hacking and slashing will have no motive whatsoever... I often find myself trying to think of an IC motive to be killing those trolls... it's like "wait... why the heck am I here?"; "Why am I fighting this ugly green guy anyway?"

NEW QUESTS... big quests, small quests... anything will do.
I think there could be a new section in the forum, where people could suggest new quests. It would be a great help to both the Devs and the DMs, as the Devs would see the players' ideas for new persistant quests, and the DMs would have some new ideas for their stories.

- Tradeskills

Wood harvesting and cooking. These were not new in 3.x since they were implemented shortly before the wipe.
The other tradeskills are yet to come.
I'm pretty sure that once they arrive, they'll be the joy of every player in Dysotopia. All the boredom problems will be over, and the RP possibilities will be endless!
I don't have any experience in scripting in NWN, but I believe they must be very difficult to implement. There also the endless process of creating all the items, so it's natural that tradeskills are taking some time to arrive. All that's left for us is to wait...

- Guild support

I haven't seen in develpments regarding this issue in 3.x. Guilds were very much active in the late 2.x, with all the promises of guild halls, uniforms and items, the excitment was great.
I don't know how's this process going, but it seems to me that the guilds are now very idle...
Full guild support is necessary in order to encourage the guilds, one of the most important parts of Dyso, since they promote character interaction and are often source of huge server-wide RP situations.

These are my views...
I don't know if they are usefull... but I felt like writing them down and letting you all know what's on my mind.
Send me your feedback and feel free to add anything.
"Nothing that is beautiful in life is taken away with death"
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Amused Frog

Joined: 07 Mar 2003
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PostPosted: Tue May 06, 2003 2:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The player selling items was good at the start, but for rogues it has become impossible. I myself have had my character and seen some others chased out of Eleriina by people who refuse to let rogues trade there. This is a serious problem for new players, experienced players, and rogues. I have had many items which I could of sold to new players on the island, and they would of found them useful, but I can't, whenever I do, someone is guaranteed to come along and start accussing me of theft. If people stopped naturally assuming Halfling merchants got their stock through illegitamit means, the Player economy would be even stronger than it is now. And a player market would be great.

With the new xp system, people are starting to RP again, its great. Guilds are becoming more active again, player feuds are starting up, and people are stopping and talking instead of just running off to the crypts or whatever.

The new areas really do need to be completed. The guardian in the crypts still does nothing, the doors in the crypts lead no where. Anton's keys still do nothing. I'm trying to think of more empty or useless areas, Gloth and the Lost Woods have been made useless and irrelevant, yet there are new areas allready being made, which again aren;'t complete themselves, like Soul City of Bogher's Mountain.

I have seen guild support improving. |A few guilds have Guild houses I know of, and I'm pretty sure some have got uniforms, like the OSB?

The tradeskills so far are great, but they can be stolen icon_evil.gif

And as with the above posts, there do need to be more quests. I can think of two, the Eleriina Innkeeper, and the Emerald Armour.
Remember, when this post was started, it was probably meant to be something constructive.
Lucifer wrote:
I now know how to rp this, if anyone steals from me i mean....thank you for this Froggy
Aw shucks icon_wink.gif

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High Elder

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PostPosted: Tue May 06, 2003 10:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Problem with the player market is we've got lots of people who just toss the +1 or +2 equipment that new players really could use, simply because they know they'll get more money for the +3 equipment. And at the lower levels, you simply can't afford to use the shops for equipment.
Random Quote Selector wrote:
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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2003 6:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think the main reason for this is that no one wants to haul around 500 pounds of junk, or buy 15 Bags of Holding at 4000 GP each. The economy could be greatly improved by having persistent chests for individual players and guilds. Maybe even a large community chests where people could toss the stuff they don't want, where it wouldn't get eaten by badgers or lost when the server crashes.

And BTW Anton's Keys do have a use: they unlock the gate at the eastern end.
AKA: Insomnia@GameFAQs, SarcophaGuy@Bioboards
MerchanT wrote:
I don't think Conrad's common-sense rules of engagement need to be spoiled by this "Rolier than Thou" stuff.
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Amused Frog
PostThu 05/08/03 6:10pm
When the housing is introuduced, you could drop of items in your house. Have a chest or something there.  Reply with quote
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