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Do you want Hash to return?
Yes!! Come back Hash an start your great events and competitions again!
 70%  [ 24 ]
No, we want to do stupid leveling. Gem collecting is my only interest.
 29%  [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 34

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Joined: 11 Nov 2002
Posts: 625

Level: 22
EXP: 51 / 59 EXP: 51 / 59 EXP: 51 / 59
PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2003 1:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I just noticed that I can't RP before lvl 20 too. So I need some DM help too. I'm just as important as Red is, while he invented all kinds of scams (ya know, WotC even named a character class after his example, the redues, err, rogues, I was busy inventing time travel and wrote the script to Matrix Reloaded. Ok, the script wasn't one of my strong achievments, but nevertheless, it took alot of time...
So, a little DM help would be appreciated
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Mr. Red Hashmeer
PostThu 05/22/03 3:17am
wotc?  Reply with quote
PostThu 05/22/03 7:43am
Wizards of the coast?  Reply with quote
PostThu 05/22/03 9:56am
You are not as important as Hashmeer! icon_mad.gif  Reply with quote
PostThu 05/22/03 11:07am
If he comes back can we have a 30 day warrenty ...with full money back gaurantee ??????  Reply with quote
Mr. Red Hashmeer
PostFri 05/23/03 12:12am
Actually, that is a very good idea. Give me 30 days to get the server pumpin and you are all set.  Reply with quote

Level: 51
EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280
PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2003 2:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hmm? hash is back in action? damn it to F***ING hell, GOD I HATE REAL LIFE< IT SUCKS SUCKS SUCKSUCKSUCKSUCKSUCKSUCKSUCKSUCKS big time, i would like to play but im too busy, like the damned commercial, i dont even have time to talk to myself, welcome back hash if you are staying, i left off at level 9, trying to rp and whatever, no serious leveling but hey if you want i can try to fit some time in so we can kick some ass together hehehehe... contact me on icq or aim. icon_mrgreen.gif
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