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Shadow History

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 2:23 pm    Post subject: Shadow History Reply with quote

The Shadow Bretheryn History...

It begins a long time ago, over a century. The Drow were attempting invasions on Elven
cities and towns, as usual. The Moon Elves show to aid in whatever they can, more of a
peacekeeping force.

Many Elves, Drow and Moon Elves were brutally slaughtered in the wars, however love
blossomed on the battlefield. A Moon Elf named "DelÚng" and a Drow named "Heri'they" were
bound together by the Drow. "Heri'they" had betrayed the Drow, saying this was pointless
slaughter, refusing to help the Drow in their efforts and "DelÚng" was captured.

It was love at first sight, and together worked a way to free themselves. This was the
beginning of an unusual relationship.

Many years later, many sons and one daughter was born. They cherished their children but
"Heri'they" still had some of her evil intent in her, which she had worked for years to
rid of, but to no avail.

"Heri'they" killed "DelÚng" one cold dark night when they had an argument and was
sentenced to death, the children were left for dead in a cave off the shores of Seldarine.

Contrary to their odds, the children had been taught by their father to defend themselves
at an early age, hunt, hide and feed. They were also favoured by the god Mask, who looked
down on them and helped them in times of hardship.

This hardship and the abandonment of their parents, death of their father led them to evil
things. Being half-Drow and half-Moon Elf meant their souls would not collapse in on
themselves as most Moon Elves would becoming of an evil status. The Shadow Bretheryn
became mercenaries for hire, hitmen and bandits. This was their way of coping, surviving.

They are not all filled with evil, good can be found in them. Only through friendship

The males inherited their fathers looks and most of their personality is derived from their
mother. The only female (Crimson) has her mothers appearance of a Drow, and so relied on
her brothers for protection against Elves who wished harm upon all Drow to this day.

This was the start of the Shadow Bretheryn...
Your friendly but rather insane office worker...

As illustrated...

Black Shadow - Rogue
Green Shadow - Mage
Bio - http://www.btinternet.com/~b.russell2k/Shadow.txt
Nemor - Druid
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