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On making legitimate complaints about administrative issues

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Conrad Hollows
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2003 1:24 am    Post subject: On making legitimate complaints about administrative issues Reply with quote

What do I mean by the subject? Exactly what I said ... legitimate complaints are not about someone killing you or stealing your favorite frost wand or whatever ... legit complaints involve issues of abuse of moderator/DM powers (i.e. administrative powers) in game to the definitive and unquestionable detriment of others.

It is about admins booting, jailing, paralyzing, and whatever else in a totally uncalled for manner. Keep in mind from the "victims" perspective often "everything" done to them was uncalled for because often times they never felt they did anything wrong. Also keep in mind that the signal to noise ratio here is key ... a flood of stuff about minor crap is going to make it harder for the REAL issues to come to light ... so when you lodge an official complaint, make sure it's for something that was serious and not something that proved to be just a good excuse to bitch about something.

Anyhow ... on doing so ... do NOT make a big argumentative post in the rants forum. If you do that, you pretty much killed any chance of seeing action taken. I view the rants area as basically useless and meaningless for anything serious, it's where you go to bitch about those things that happen but they aren't really a big deal ... but you wanna let off some steam. If you've actually been admin-ABUSED you need to write up a letter about what happened ... be truthful and to the point ... leave out the emotions and anger, just the facts is what we want. Write it up and send a copy to myself, Falkhor and GorbGuy here on the forums and then wait.

Yes ... wait. Do not expect instant gratification in many cases, it won't happen. Do not expect to see action in every case, as we're not always going to agree with you. Do not send off the email and then go to rant about it in the rants ... you just nuked yourself in that instance. Most importantly make damn bloody sure you take it seriously enough to complain in the first place because if its frivalous and you're wasting our time, we're not going to be terribly pleasant.

You send the complaint in and then let us handle it amongst ourselves. Sometimes we may wanna talk with you more about it, sometimes we're gonna wanna talk to the other party ... sometimes we'll be looking to see who else may have seen it and what they have to say. All this can take some time ... only in rare cases may you see something happen quickly, but we may not even say we did anything ... it's a need to know basis and we decide if you really need to know. Public lynchings are not normally my style.

If you are the first to make such a complaint about someone, you may not see anything happen without overwhelming proof ... but if everyone takes the attitude of "well, nothing will happen so I won't bother" then we never hear anything about any of it and that makes damn sure nothing ever WILL happen. Each step goes along a road of thought and policy ... and if no one ever takes that first step, then there will be no progress on that policy road. Emotions about such complaints just cloud the issues for me, don't need them ... getting all pissy and angry and making threats to the other admins about an issue, sure fire way to discredit yourself and be ignored. Cool, calm, collected and succinct ... that's what we wanna see. If you can take the time to put it together in a serious manner like that, then that demonstrates that you take it seriously. A page of cussing, whining, and bitching will get you no where.

Bear in mind this is about stuff concerning admins ... though the guidelines basically apply to players as well ... but if its about a player, you should be directing your PMs and comments to the moderators first.

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