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You asked for your purpose? READ THIS FULLY

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The Badgermouthed

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2003 7:49 pm    Post subject: You asked for your purpose? READ THIS FULLY Reply with quote

Dysotopia faces many threats...many oppressors, weak rulers, strong rulers, false morals....the combination of all these create anarchy, they create violence, they create a state of fear, tyranny, blissful ignorance.
Many organizations claim to do good for the society, when in fact they use the excuse of Good inorder to be chaotic, to be evil. This not only holds true in the White Rose, but it holds true in other guilds as well.
Other Guilds who claim to do justice sit idley by while Peasants are raped, while children are murdered, While poor men starve! They wish to avoid all conflict through a process of neutrality, they cannot do good by watching evil.
Then there are rampants running around, The Obsidian order, dedicated to the destruction of life, the spread of tyranny. The Simbeonese Liberation Army, using the excuse of good inorder to cause anarchy. The Druids Guild, stays in their forests and do nothing.
There is one thing that ties all of these guilds together, there is one thing that brings these rampants run wild, these ignorant fools, these murderers these saviors. One thing that brings these guilds who cause so much violence, hate, and anarchy in these lands. The ONE thing that all these guilds have in common, is none of them follow the one true way.
The Lost Guard of Glorin under the direction of the Church of Cyric encourages the one true way, the way of the dark sun. All the fools who inspire anarchy and hatred they kill eachother, they kill innocent people. The Warriors of Tempus, the Monks of Bane, the Wizards of Mystra, the clerics of Akadi. They do nothing but inspire hatred. All these other false gods cause such terror in these lands, all in the name of good!
It is the purpose of the LGoG and Church of Cyric to cleanse the land of these imputent rats that infest this island with their disease. Cyric is the one true god, all others have shown examples of their powers, all misfortune in this realm is caused not by the individuals but by the mindless drobble that their False Gods have taught them.

-"Bring death to those who oppose the rightful church of Cyric and those who seek to make or keep peace, order, and laws. All rightful authority comes from Cyric, and all other authority must be subverted."
[quote:a89551bc29="AliZee'"]that shits utterly devoid of any meaningless sense...i tottally disagree on tha basis that tha argument you have pressented is full of actual facts and shit, i think based on tha fact that i have no idea of what tha fuck you were talkin gabout i would have to wholoeheartedly proclaim that you are wrong.
Thank you,
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