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The Scamps!

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Joined: 11 Nov 2002
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2003 3:50 am    Post subject: The Scamps! Reply with quote

Guild name: The Scamps
Guild alignment: Neutral

Race Restrictions: Halflings+Gnomes only
Alignment/Class/Gender Restrictions:
None, though a lawful char might have some problems with some of our actions

Guild Mistress:

Brynn Fleetfoot

-Master of Mischief
---AliZee' Malderbrook
-Master of Mystery
-Master Hand
-Master Craftsman

-Pranksters(Under the Master of Mischief)
-Miscreants(Under the Master of Mischief)
-Cloaks(Under the Master of Mystery)
-Illusionists(Under the Master of Mystery)
-Priests(Under the Master Hand)
-Apprentice(Under the Master Craftsman)

any member who hasn't been approved by the majority of the officers yet

Descrition of each Group:
-Pranksters: They pull pranks, get a rise out of others, sometimes get in trouble, but more often than not, mean no harm. These guys are the comic relief of the guild.
-Miscreants: The trouble makers. Not unlike the pranksters, but have usually got a more devious agenda.
-Cloaks: The stealthy folk. Stealth is their strength, and thats all they know. These guys are rarely seen, and more often than not work as our spies and informants.
-Illusionists: Another type of trickster, but not so much a prankster. These guys focus on illusions and maguc abilities. Most of these guys are wisards and sorcerers.
-Priests: Clerics. Plain and simple.
-Apprentice: The guy who makes all the armor and what not for the guild.

Restrictions have been laid out so at this point I would like to lay down some guide lines.

Not prohibited, but must be done for some reason, whether it be curiosity, or the fact that some other person has something you want, doesn't matter as long as there is a reason. On the other hand, stealing from other Halflings or Gnomes is to be avoided, also stealing from allies is not allowed. Furthermore, if you happen to get caught stealing, I suggest talking your way out of it(ooc:RP your way out of it) and if that is not an option simply give the stolen item back.
We do not kill others. Not unless they have harmed us. We are a defensive guild, and will not take the offensive. Not only will this keep us out of trouble, but I am guessing it will bring us more allies, and that we like.
Say what you want when you want, except in the presence of someone of greater authority, in the guild that is. The law has little to no authority over us.
We live by our own laws, this does not mean we outwardly attemp to break laws, this mean we do what we must when we must. If at all possible try to find a way to do something within the bouds of the law of the land.
Being that we are the small folk of the land, we must stick together. There is near equality among members, the only acception is when a superior is in charge.

Main Objective:
To unite both Hin and Forgotten Folk alike, to have fun, and to build comradery among us small folk. We will cause a little trouble, cause a few laughs, but most important of all we will have the most amazing adventures of all.

Farewell for now, and I am eager to hear from many of you soon.

Brynn Fleetfoot

If you're a halfling or a gnome and want to join the guild, send me a PM and we'll talk about it in-game, but:

1) I don't want this guild to be involved in any guild war. As much fun a little pvp might be in the beginning, guild wars aren't fun at all, they're just plain stupid and repetitiv

2) We're not a thiefs guild, we're not an assassins guild. If you want to steal for a living or be a professional bounty hunter, you should look elsewhere

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Joined: 03 Feb 2003
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 9:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


every half ling or gnome loves me.

you know you guys do.

But I would prefer a Vote, from all the members in it already, before I would ask to be in the guild *crosses fingers*
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Joined: 13 Sep 2002
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 11:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dreamin', good luck on the guild. Looks like you've thought everything through thoroughly. Don't ever wanna catch you doing something mischievous in the Kravenwood area without asking me, TP or lord Kraven himself for permission though!! icon_wink.gif
Former Rogue Squad Leader, Kravenwood Militia
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Forum Moderator, Complaints, Rants & Flames Forum
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PostFri 03/14/03 12:39pm
its just too bad the short people like me because im richer then them...  Reply with quote
PostFri 03/14/03 1:20pm
Now now error,i remeber you very young,Moooo,huh?
any way the scamps sound nice
 Reply with quote
PostFri 03/14/03 5:16pm
Morigan Axcker: What about me? I thought we were friends. Dwarves are short people too...  Reply with quote
PostSat 03/15/03 10:23pm
Ali is a mistress of mischief............... heheheh  Reply with quote
PostWed 03/19/03 2:19am
may i be in the guild my characters name is Nitro Alamar i will see u in game  Reply with quote
PostWed 03/26/03 6:04pm
*Runs in circles giggling*

 Reply with quote
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