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Order of the Howling Wolf History

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2003 2:55 am    Post subject: Order of the Howling Wolf History Reply with quote

Got this back a while a go. Here's a book in the making.

Shadow Randor wrote:
Well, as you asked, here it is:
(I'll first tell the biography of Shadow, for it is as much a part of the guild, as the short history of the guild itself)
It all started when I, Shadow Randor, was but a child in the far away land of Harwanna, the same land where both Anuiron and Malekith are from.
There, a terrible dragon roamed the country, for he was exacting revenge upon the country, where, millenia ago, the dragon's brother was slain in some unknown way by Malekith. Because that ancient dragon had demanded the kings first born for several millenia before that, and Malekith was one of them.
This dragon was destroying the entire country, and the dark-skinned humans, together with the reigning elves, lived in terror.
One day it came across the village where Shadow Randor lived, when he was five, and the village was all but destroyed. Shadow was one of the few survivors. After two days, in which the other survivors had fled, the monks of a nearby monastery came to investigate, and they found Shadow.
They took him up in their monastery, where he lived and studied for many years. Until, several days before his 18th birthday, the dragon returned, destroying the monastery. The only one who was spared, was Shadow, for he was busy in his own garden, in his old village.
When he returned and saw what the dragon had one, he swore revenge. But to have revenge he had to improve himself, and for that he went to Dysotopia.

He studied several months in Dysotopia, and learned more there, in ways of defending himself, than he had in all his thirteen years in the monastery.
But, what he id not realise, he had lost many of the peaceful and sober ways of the monks he grew up with.
When he finally felt ready to confront the dragon, he returned to his homeland, and, although it was not an easy task, he slayed the dragon, after several days of fighting.
After slaying the dragon, he went to the old monastery, and it was there that he realised that he had strayed off the true path.
He then honored the graves of the fallen monks one last time, and then he left, never to return again.

When he reached Dysotopia again, he swore off all material things, except for those necessary for survival. He also vowed to stop all of the unnecessary violence in the world.
To these ends he then decided to start a guild of his own, he called it the Order of the Howling Wolf. For a wolf does not care for material things, kills only out of necessity and lives in a relatively peaceful community. The wolf howls to let the people know that they have strayed off the true path.
All those in the guild helpthers, have no cares for material things, and have paid to prove this, and do not go into useless fights with others.

When Shadow started the guild by holding his speech, the city of Eleriina was attacked by Balors, in the middle of the town. This was most alarming, and therefore the guild now also seeks to end this threat.

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PostSun 03/09/03 9:11pm
OK, I'll fix it up, post the final here.
I've got one for the OSB to do too.

Then we get maybe 3+ we'll send them to bri.
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