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[ Forum Rules - Read This First ]

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2003 1:42 am    Post subject: [ Forum Rules - Read This First ] Reply with quote

These are the rules which are common to all public forums running on dysotopia.com. Please abide by them and everybody will have a nice day!

1. No excessive swearing, personal insults or slandering.
This does not mean swearing is strictly outlawed -- there is the right time and place for the occassional swear word. However, posts which make gratuitous or excessive use of swearing will not be tolerated, and are grounds for post deletion or (if needed) an immediate ban.

The same goes for personal insults. Attacking a person's argument or credibility is not the same as attacking an individual. If you do feel a need to rip into somebody in particular, you are welcome to make use of the Private Messaging (PM) facility.

2. No spamming allowed.
"Spamming" here refers to posting short, off-topic, meaningless, and/or intentionally obnoxious posts which do not contribute to the ongoing discussion. This does not mean short posts are outlawed -- sometimes just a word or two is all that is needed to express your thoughts. But posts which contribute nothing to the conversation will be summarily deleted, and spam-filled threads can be locked.

3. Please keep discussions on-topic.
Keeping the discussions on-topic makes the forums content more easily readable, searchable, and useful for everyone. If a thread is starting to wander away from the original subject, and you would like to continue discussing that side topic, feel free to begin a new thread in the appropriate forum for it.

Moderators will delete posts or split topics into multiple threads as needed.

4. Signatures longer than 5 lines or equivalent are not permitted.
Your signature should not be longer than 5 lines of regularly sized text, or equivalent in vertical height. If we notice you have an unusually large signature, we will make an attempt to contact you (usually via PM) and ask you to trim it down in size. If that doesn't work we will trim it for you.

Long signatures are annoying to other people who read the forums. Please respect the interests of everyone here and keep your sig short.

5. Avoid posting a post which simply contains "do a forum search for that information".
Many times new users will post in a new thread asking about something which has already been answered or discussed in detail in an earlier thread. Often, another user will respond, saying "That's already been talked about, try doing a forum search before posting".

Response posts of this nature are not allowed and will be treated the same way as spam. However, we encourage those who post such responses, to spend a few moments doing the forum search on their own, and posting the appropriate URL(s) in your response instead. This is much more helpful than simply telling someone else to go looking for it, and it saves everybody time in the end.

Please note: breaking any of the above rules is grounds for an immediate ban, if the forum administrators and moderators see fit. In addition, you can be banned without a given reason if the administrators so choose.

This is not a likely or common scenario, but sometimes it has been warranted. In general, the forum mods will make a strong effort to let an offending forum member know that there is a problem, and ample opportunity to correct it. However, some times only the strongest of measures may be effective.

If you have any thoughts or ideas to contribute to these rules, please don't hesitate to send me a PM (find the PM button just below this text).

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Forum Administrator
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Dyso MOD|Forum Admin

Joined: 23 Sep 2002
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2003 11:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

6. No more voting with several accounts on the same topic.
we now have the option to see what people voted in poll options we don't want to see people voting for the same thing with 4 diffirent accounts. your just one person and no need to push things to the way you want them. this does not aply in the in character forum, you can have several characters voting diffirent. icon_wink.gif
just for a few people, you know who you are. icon_wink.gif
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