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XP -here- now ! lots of them to get / come in ! FREE

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Level: 51
EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280
PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2003 8:30 am    Post subject: XP -here- now ! lots of them to get / come in ! FREE Reply with quote

it seems that the Dwarf dicovered a sealed gallery inside there cave..

strange events occured there after, most of the Dwarfs started to lose there mind... they were drawned to this sealed gallery trying to open its gate..

a party lead by a Dwarf woried about his cousin he hadent seen for a long time, made it to the cave...
the party discovered the secret of the sealed gallery: a ancien Dragon has been traped there... he claimed to be a dragon of heaven.. that an evil mage trapped ...
offered to (dont know the word in english) the one wishe of the creture that will free him...

the party resisted this magical call ... but a small and naive goblin that was in the party was possessed by the Dragon smoth talk... and manage to open the gate..

gate open revealed it was an ancien chaos dragon... that quickly took off ( i guess he would want to risk to be traped in the place again...)
oh yes he said something about raising an army to destroy the realm... *couph*

the party was left with a demented goblin that has lost all wisdom... no point in blaming or jailing the poor creatue..


few days later animals were runing away from the eastern forest ... scared by something, a fearless Druid by the name of ".Cara" went to investigate. and discovered a forgotten passage to and area called the shadow run... the place was populated by some very power full evil creature gathering...
The ancien chaos dragon was there to... but manage to escape

(ooc the ancien lag monster was there as well)


in the following days small children have been disapearing... the local authorities... ofered a bounty for information regarding the kidnapers...

a rater nice cleric and an valorus 1/2orc pisted a creature called "darkshadow" ... he used his power to take children to the gnolls...
in jeshan..

a party went investigate and discovered a gnoll forteress... where the creature were conduction a ceremonie... " blood of a virgin to awaken a dragon from his sleep"... the party manage to save the girl from her fate... but on her way back the darkshadow striked and kill the pooor child


were those event related *couph* who knows ?

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Level: 51
EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280
PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2003 12:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

the following events toke place those last few days...

Darkov shadow, helped by some others succeded to discoverd 10 remains of angel of darkness.
Masako was able te defeat the gloth sentry and gave its stone to the ancien choas dragon...
with the help of a young writer by the name of adrian,(darkov's apprentice) masako was able to accomplice the ritual of the awakening of the 10 angels of darkness....

a fierce party of advanturer lead by the warrior lord Grok arrived to late and had to face the absolute power of destruction sus unleached..

as the party was dying, Adrian realise that he couldnt see his fromer freind so perished... and use a secret trap door to make them escape..

soon after Adrian annonced his decision to exile him self deap into the land...


today the choas dragon and his army was spoted in the uper ancient crypt..
he seems to try to gather and even huger army..

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Level: 51
EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280
PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2003 11:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

following an irresistible call ... a party found a white dragon that was trapped , he ask the party to save his tresure logated in an other part of the cave... befor some mininon looted it

they party found out that the white dragon has been traped by a spell casted by its eternal enemy : an ancient chaos dragon..

to deafeat this dragon and his army of angel of darkness , angel of heaven needs to be found... those angel are long gone... but every generation some are reborn as spririt whitin the soul of a mortal.. sleeping... waiting to be awaken... of course the mortal dont suspect anything...

but is the mortal goes to a certain spot on the lakes of souls... the angel within will be revealed... to awake him the mortal must be sacriviced ..
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Joined: 07 Apr 2003
Posts: 76

Level: 7
EXP: 11 / 16 EXP: 11 / 16 EXP: 11 / 16
PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2003 6:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow this is some serious business..

but i have a comment to tha shadow run.. We found lots o torture stuff there, and I just wanted to tell that the stuff was really burnin good....hehehe (is it possible to fix the torture stuff, so that it looks burned down, you know black and ruined..???)
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