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OOC thoese whom missed it

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2003 2:05 am    Post subject: OOC thoese whom missed it Reply with quote

Congrats to Berto For finding out the way to save nel was to use nel's love for her friends aginest her icon_smile.gif

here is the Log:
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] ooc ty for comming
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] ooc ty for comming
Berto Amraphal: [Tell] ooc np
Nicha Aylows: [Tell] np icon_smile.gif
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] ooc ty for comming
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] where is muric
Wehnoka : [Tell] ooc np
Nicha Aylows: [Tell] i think he's sleeping...
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] *sigh* hes most important, i cant get in to jail with out him
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] OOC are you a mod griff icon_smile.gif
Nicha Aylows: [Tell] we could talk to Griff...
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] ooc one step ahead of you
Griff Inn: [Tell] yes
Griff Inn: [Tell] is something wrong?
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] OOC i need some OOC favor's to pull off something IC< i need you to warp me and SOme friends to prision...Nel's behind held by muric of teh OSB ((for IC strictly only)) and he's not on
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel: [Talk] ((nel's not here))
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] ooc and he's SUPPOESE to be on emot-yum.gif
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Tell] do we have a dm on ooc?
Griff Inn: [Tell] hmm, well ok as long as your friends want to go to jail
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] OOC we got griff, working on it
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Tell] ooc k
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] OOC ok icon_smile.gif the lsit is me, In cell, berto, Wehnoka, and Nicha
[Griffo247] Griff Inn: [Tell] bring all the ppl you want to go to jail to eleriina rift gate
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] Redone list : Selenia, Nel, wehnoka, Berto
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] k
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] GO to Ellrin rift gate
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Tell] i am
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] GO no Ellrin Rift gate
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] go to ellrin rift gate
Wehnoka : [Tell] coming
Nicha Aylows: [Tell] ok
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel: [Talk] ooc small ty
[DA_Destroyer2] Nel : [Tell] ooc come by rift gate
Berto Amraphal: [Tell] ooc: this is just so griff knows where you are
Nel : [Tell] ty for this, i owe ya big time
[color=blue]-IC start's here [/color
]Nel: [Talk] *nel's chipping away at the wall, But quickly, hide's many items*
Nel: [Talk] am i free fake one's
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] humz
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel, put those down
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] not quite Nel
[Griffo247] Griff Inn: [Talk] there will be a big problem if i'm disconnected for some reason
[Griffo247] Griff Inn: [Talk] you wont be able to get out
Nel: [Talk] OOC np
Lythor Alomerii: [Party] tonight Falkhor and Adietu were running around out here and pp'd it...
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] ooc some of us will
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *holds tightly to Wehnoka's back and peeks her head around the side to watch Nel*
Nel: [Talk] Want to come make me put them down fake one ?
Nel: [Talk] aww the powerful child
Nel: [Talk] Free me now.
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] you will stay in here
Nel: [Talk] o, will i ?
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] She will not......
Nel: [Talk] *evil smirk*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] mommy?
Nel: [Talk] I am Len, im not that wench of your Pathtic Mother
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] yes, as i figured Len is Nel backwards
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] ya surz?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] ya lookz juz like mommy
Nel: [Talk] *it's obvious the spell restince catie, but on the door has Been very weakend, Nel has tried to escape*
Nel: [Talk] yes im mommy now....let me out *smirk*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] *sighs*
Nel: [Talk] Damit fools !
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] we cant do that Len
Nel: [Talk] I demand to be free.
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] okie
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] humz
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] iz locked mommy
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *whispers* This is your mother, but she is ill and cannot be released until she is healed.....
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Any ideas how to get her healed?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] hugz?
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] well...
Nel: [Talk] *un hide's some object's and ebgin's to chip away at the stone...she has sevreal sharpened part's of a block of stone*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] i was thinking, everything she does is the opposite, or reverse
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] just like her name Len
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] i've tried just about everything i knew...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Len, put those down
Nel: [Talk] *holds them like a dagger* come get them *smirk*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] I met a man the other day that looked exactly like Maeldun.....a man that is very unsure of his past.....
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] mommy?
Nel: [Talk] send the child in...
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] can I hugz my mommy yetz?
Nel: [Talk] yes...come hug me..
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] i wouldn't recommend sending anyone in
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] For some reason I think it is him.
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] unless she is tied up
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] betterz?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] I wantz ta hugz mommy!!
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] the last time i was in there with her, she attacked me, lunging for my throat
Nel: [Talk] see, i cant hurt the child ?
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Selenia, she is trying to fool you.....she is not well yet.
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] I does I does I does
Nel: [Talk] the magic will protect her
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] i'd rather not take that chance
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] Still not a good idea
Nel: [Talk] fake one's Release me !
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *pouts*
Nel: [Talk] *lunges at berto, with sharp rocks threw the door*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] Pweeeeeease can I hugs mommy?
Nel: [Talk] When i get out of here, you will all learn truth, or perish
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *one of them hits his arm, cutting it*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] no, you can't right now, Selenia
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] whyyyyyz?
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] maybe you can hug Noka instead?
Nel: [Talk] *Chipping away..getting bigger chunk's*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] humz.......
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] okie!
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Selenia, see how she is attacking? Hug me.....for now, okay?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *happily hugs Wehnoka*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] NEL, put those down
Nel: [Talk] come get them !
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *picks Selenia up and holds her*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel, put them down
Nel: [Talk] *lunges, at Berto....this time, getting him in the chest...hurting him badly*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *giggles and holds tightly around Wehnoka's neck and leans her head on Wehnoka's sholder* comnfy auntie.....
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Berto!
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *coughing badly as a little blood comes out*
Nel: [Talk] *nel shakes harsh, untill Berto is healed....then it stops *
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *smiles and smooths Selenia's hair*
Nel: [Talk] *chipping at stone*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] wait everyone, i think ive got it
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *cuddles happily against Wehnoka*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Griff, open the cell please
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] Noka..stand back
Nel: [Talk] *grab's a 2nd rock at thoese word's*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] shut it please
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] yay
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Sele!!
Nel: [Talk] COme here child..
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *tackle hugs Nel* Hiya mommy!
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *panics*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Selenia, please stand back
Nel: [Talk] *looks ready for a fight*
Nel: [Talk] she's the strong fake one
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] don't make me hold you again, Nel
Nel: [Talk] BACK
Nel: [Talk] *smaller rock stab's Bero's arm...the Bigger one his leg* BACK
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *runs up and tackles Nel*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] Weee!
Nel: [Talk] *attempt's to stab selenia But cant hurt her*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *falls down, not being able to stand on his knee*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Selenia!
Nel: [Talk] *get's tackled*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *giggles and hugs Nel over and over*
Nel: [Talk] *throw's selenia off and starts shaking*
Nel: [Talk] *shaking VERY hrashly*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *hops right backn on Nel*
Nel: [Talk] *shaking stops*
Nel: [Talk] AWAY !
Nel: [Talk] *try'ing to get selenia off*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] everyone, please get out of the cell
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *tackles Nel again giggling*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] Noka...grab Selenia
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Wehonka, can you take Selenia out please?
Nel : [Tell] i ahte you
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Selenia, come with me, I have something to show you
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] te he
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] hu,z?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] okiez!
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Presents
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] yaaaay
Nel: [Talk] *looks ready for a fight*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] ooc locked
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] oh wellz
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] Nel, you know better
Nel: [Talk] Get back
Nel: [Talk] IA M LEN !
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] pwesents?
Nel: [Talk] *shrages at Nicha hitting her stomech..and arm*
Nel: [Talk] *charge's
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Sit down and I will show you
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nicha
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nicha, please get out
Nel: [Talk] *small shaking ebfore she was healed*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Griff
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *hops on Wehnoka's lap and snuggles*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] Berto, she'll kill you
Nel: [Talk] and you.
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nicha, please
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] no..you are not strong enough
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *digs in bag and pulls out a stuffed animal* I bought this especially for you
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Please Nicha
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *look at the toy wide eyed* oooooo.......
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] *sighs* i will stand by the door
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nel: [Talk] *smirks at the idea of Nicha leaveing*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Griff, can you open this please?
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] And I know how you love jewels....so here are some fire opals to add to you collection.....
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *hugs Wehnoka with all her little might*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] no..i am not getting out...just standing by the door
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *smiles*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Please Nicha
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] for your health
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] no, for yours
Nel: [Talk] *stabs berto in teh back*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *holds Selenia tightly and nervously listens to the commotion in the cell*
Nel: [Talk] *then Nicha*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] *stops the bleeding temporarily*
Nel: [Talk] Fake one !
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] *Tackles NeL*
Nel: [Talk] *trys and stabs Darku, but rocks do nothign aginest his armor*
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] Strength Check, Roll: 18 Modifier: 6 = 24
Nel: [Talk] What would you like to do?
Nel: [Talk] I'd like to do a dice roll
Nel: [Talk] What do you want to roll?
Nel: [Talk] an Ability Check
Nel: [Talk] Which Ability?
Nel: [Talk] Strength
Nel: [Talk] Strength Check, Roll: 8 Modifier: 5 = 13
Nel: [Talk] *gets tackled, and lose's rock's
Nel: [Talk] Off of ME !
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] *Carries her back to her cell*
Nel: [Talk] *gets draged back to cell*
Nel: [Talk] *being draged by draku*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Berto?
Nel : [Tell] open
Nel: [Talk] *thrown back IN*
Nel: [Talk] *has no more rocks*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *is stabbed in the back on the floor*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *was
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Tell] the entire concept of half a dozen people protecting the one person here that could kill them all at once is sort of amusing
Nel: [Talk] *nel at first ry's to ingore him...Then starts shaking
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *panicked look* Someone heal him!!
Nel: [Talk] *shaking alot*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] wait...
Nel: [Talk] *shaking end's*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Oh dear....
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] mommy?
Nel: [Talk] *kick's him*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] What has happened.
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel, take this knife
Nel: [Talk] *takes knife* I AM LEN
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] You want her to kill you??
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] Berto?
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *looks frightened*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] L..Len. ive gave up my life before, ill do it again
Nel: [Talk] *cut's His neck....Killing berto* THERE FAKE ONE....LEARN A lesson*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Berto!!!
Nel: [Talk] Let me out...NOW
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *falls dead*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] wait..i can bring him back...
Nel: [Talk] *small shaking*
Nel: [Talk] LET ME OUT..
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] just wait...
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *grabs bars* NO!!
Nel: [Talk] LET ME OUT
Nel: [Talk] *shaking alot*
Nel: [Talk] *nel start's moving arounnd Shaking*
Nel: [Talk] HES DEAD
Nel: [Talk] LET ME OUT
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] *wonders what's happening to Nel*
Nel: [Talk] LET ME OUT
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] I gotz ta hugz mommy
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *eyes well up with tears*
Nel: [Talk] *SHAKING ALOT*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] hugz fixes everythingz!
Nel: [Talk] LET ME OUT
Nel: [Talk] NOW
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Selenia....I need another hug.....
Nel: [Talk] *shaking mouth is drooling*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *hugs Wehnoka*
Nel: [Talk] *dagger drops*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] no...look at what you've done...
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] Don't worry we can still help Berto
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *musters up an smile just for Selenia*
Nel: [Talk] *Start's looking HURT as though she's Being stabbed*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] no..look at him...look at him
Nel: [Talk] *shaking liek a Earth quake*
Nel: [Talk] NO
Nel: [Talk] HE's DEAD
Nel: [Talk] ARRRRGH
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *stares in dreadful wonder at Nel*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] Mommy?
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] *sigh* I can't reach him
Nel: [Talk] *cast's Rez on berto and falls to the ground and faints*
Lythor Alomerii: [Party] Well friends... I need a real life healer hahaha and none available so maybe I can sleep this illnes off ooc
Nel: [Talk] What would you like to do?
Nel: [Talk] Sit on the Floor
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] wha..whats going on
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] NEL
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Party] oo: icon_sad.gif i hope you feel better...
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *smiles* Berto?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] can I hugz mommy yetz?
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *gets a healing kit, takes out the contents and starts to heal Nel*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka : [Party] Get well, Lythor.....
Nel: [Talk] *nel is on the floor looking very hurt..and is knocked out*
Kalor of Kali-Tyr..: [Party] take care friend...hope you feel better
Lythor Alomerii: [Party] Aye take care
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] hmm
Nel: [Talk] *blink eyes open...*
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Party] Farewell Lythor... hope you feel better
Nel: [Talk] *extreamly weak voice....a voice that is Nel's.......*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Nel? Is that you?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *hugs Griff and tries to PP the keys*
Nel: [Talk] b...b..berto..
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *bends down*Nel, are you ok?
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel..
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] *notices Selenia's quick hands* stop that!
Nel: [Talk] i ...i feel weak...what happned....why am i in jail....
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Open the door
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] we need healing
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] Go to her now, Selenia.......*nervous smile*
Nel: [Talk] *looks at the rock piles and ehr hands* was i in a battle? weak voice
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Everything gonna be ok
Nel: [Talk] selly *smiles*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *tackle-hugs Nel*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel, get up *gputs an open hand down by nel*
Nel: [Talk] *nel falls over with no Str to fight the hugs* ok...ok sweet *kiss's her forhead* what happned..
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Tell] o.O how did he get that?
Nel : [Tell] good question
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] I dunnoz
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] ooc: afk for one sec......
Nel: [Talk] *slowly get's up...struggles to do so*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *hugs Nel some more*
Nel: [Talk] *retunr's hug's* your in a good mood selly *weak voice*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] te he!
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] ya!
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] auntie Noki gotz me a new pwesent!
Nel: [Talk] *attempts to cast a cleric spell...and get's nothing*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel, your gonna be alright
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *holds up a cute stuffed animal*
Nel: [Talk] Berto...why cant i cast spells....what's going on....im confused.
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] Hehe.. thank you
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] ooc back
Nel: [Talk] i want to heal my hands.....but i cant...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] try again
Nel: [Talk] *fails*
Nel: [Talk] why has selune taken my spells away...im so confused...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] hmm
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] te he
Nel: [Talk] how DID i get here...
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] you were being controled by Shar, Nel
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *has the little stuffed animal kiss Nel on the nose*
Nel: [Talk] *looks out and See's Nicha and noka* and why are all you here...
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] we put you in here for your own safety
Nel: [Talk] *smiles at selenia and kiss's her...but weakly*
Nel: [Talk] *gives a VERY confused look at nicha*
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] We have much to talk about, Nel, but you need rest......
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] te he
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel you look faint, lets get her to a bed
Nel: [Talk] rest...sounds good...
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] aye..rest up first...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] can you walk Nel?
Nel: [Talk] can i go home.....or did i get THAT drunk ?
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] or do they hurt?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *giggles alot* ya. Mister Berto can takez' ya ta bed
Nel: [Talk] they hurt...but i can d it.
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] no, we dont want to hurt you anymore
Nel: [Talk] pelase tell me i didnt get that drunk...
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *giggles under her breath*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *picks up nel with his might*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] oh, it was worse then some drink
Nel: [Talk] o gods how bad was it *looks ashamed of her self*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] I dunnoz
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Griff
Nel: [Talk] my head hurts....alot..
Nel: [Talk] aww griff..
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Thank you very mcuh griff
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *hops on Berto's back and sticks her feet into one of his bags*
Nel: [Talk] am i free to go ?
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] yes...go home and get some sleep
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] ahh Selenia
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] wee
Nel: [Talk] *hug's selenia weakly*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] horsey ride!
Nel: [Talk] why dont you all come with me....
Nel: [Talk] i really want to know what happned last night...
Nel: [Talk] the wedding is tommory...
Nel: [Talk] *it's 3 weeks past the wedding8
Castle Portal: [Talk] Where within Castle Dysotopia would you like to travel?
Castle Portal: [Talk] Where within Castle Dysotopia would you like to travel?
Nel: [Talk] Planar Rift Gate area.
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] Sorry noka
Planar Rift Gate: [Talk] This is a Planar Rift Gate. It will allow you to travel to other Planar Rift Gates if you have gained the Soulstones for these gates.
Nicha Aylows: [Party] ooc: go to main floor if you didn't know icon_smile.gif
Nel: [Talk] Travel to Eleriina
Nel : [Party] ooc i want a stone to that place icon_smile.gif
Nel: [Talk] *trips*
Nel: [Talk] What would you like to do?
Nel: [Talk] Sit on the Floor
Nel: [Talk] Ow...
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] humz
Nel: [Talk] what did i do to become so weak...
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] Carry mommy pwease
Nel: [Talk] selenia...no...
Nel: [Talk] im not being carried by that metal thing..
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] This way Nel
Nel: [Talk] berto..i feel down...
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] welllz iz da swordy or him
Nel: [Talk] i feel so weak....i could cure this easily...but selune took away my power's im so confused...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] i will explain inside
Nel: [Talk] ok...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *picks up Nel, and Slenia too*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] b'bye sowrdy!
Nel: [Talk] Whoa....strong man
Nel : [Party] im so confused..
[Hero-Herecles] Xavier Dotson: [Talk] He should have taken from Lathander's church.
[nem0r] Nemor: [Talk] Cara, could you go have a word with her? Find out her reasons?
[Hero-Herecles] Xavier Dotson: [Talk] We would not have killed him.
Isle: [Talk] *giggles*
Nel : [Party] i dont remember what i have inside my hosue...ill try to cook dinner
Nel : [Party] *the house is a Disaster from nel going mad*
Nel : [Party] SELENIA ! what happned HERE
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] I dunnoz
Nicha Aylows: [Party] perhaps you should get something from the Inn
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel, up here
Nel : [Tell] they cured Nel....come to ehr house...not over yet.
Nel : [Party] What happned to my house Why is it a Disaster !
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *natural instinct kicks in and she starts picking up around the house
Nei : [Tell] sorry what'd you say?
Nicha Aylows: [Party] it'll clean up in no time
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *sets Nel on the bed*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Party] iz messy bad?
Nel : [Tell] they cured Nel....and she's very weak Now at her house...come icon_smile.gif
Nicha Aylows: [Party] *starts picking up spilled books and clothes*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *picks up Sleneia and toses her on the bed*
Nel: [Talk] *smiles* thanks berto
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] Ooof!
Nel: [Talk] *giggles lightly*
Nei : [Tell] cured of what?
Nel : [Tell] insaiinity
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] ::smiles::
Nei : [Tell] haha icon_smile.gif Pant wasn't working out?
Nel : [Tell] No im still making Pant
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel..what happened
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] well, you better get some rest
Nel: [Talk] I dont know but im scared.....why has selune taken powers away from me.
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *bounces happily on Nel's bed and forgets Nel is there to see*
Nel: [Talk] No...i want to know what happned...
Nel : [Party] Noka..nicha come up here please...Berto is beign stubborn...
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] Weeeee!
Nel: [Talk] selenia, you have your own bed
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] You betrayed everyone Nel, even Selenia
Nel: [Talk] *gives berto the wiredest look* what do you mean..
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] mommies bed iz betterz for bouncin'
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] You gave up on Selune
Nel: [Talk] selenia stop bounching..
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] you gave up on everyone
Nel: [Talk] i would never.
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] it happened
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] you attacked many people, kept them hostage
Nel: [Talk] *shakes head* why...life is going so good ? im going to marry maeldun ?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] **BOUNCE****BOUNCE****BOUNCE**
Nel: [Talk] Selenia, Stop now, or no Desert tonight.
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] AWWW
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] ooc need afk.....the comanches REALLY need to go to bed.......
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] sorry to tell you this but Maeldun...
Nel : [Tell] thats what set her off in the first place
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] ooc brb
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *looks toward the ground*
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] Noka thought she saw him
Nel: [Talk] what about maeldun ?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *starts bouncing on Nel's bed again when she isn't looking*
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] ooc ok
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel..hes..
Nel: [Talk] hes ? going to be late...what ?
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] ...dead...
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] **BOUNCE****BOUNCE****BOUNCE**
Nel: [Talk] ...
Nel: [Talk] LIAR !
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Im sorry Nel
Nel: [Talk] YOU LIE !
Nel: [Talk] Selune wouldnt do that to me !
Nel: [Talk] Id hit you if i wasent weak...
Nel: [Talk] Rumors....nothign more.
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Get some rest Nel
Nel: [Talk] hes...not dead...
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] **BOUNCE****BOUNCE****BOUNCE**
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] belive me Nel..
Nel: [Talk] Selenia, No desert go to your room or your grounded..>DIDNT
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] I would never lie to you
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Draku
Nel: [Talk] berto...i know....your just mis ifnormed...SELUEN wouldnt do this to me...
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] awwwww
[Draku] Draku Xarian: [Talk] Yes, Berto
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Mind helping me please?
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *hops donw off the bed and scampers off to her room*
Nel: [Talk] *eyes nicha* nicha....is it true..
Nel: [Talk] nei...
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] Nel..i am not the one to ask...i do not know him
[Mongolian_Weasel_Nei] Nei: [Talk] I'm sorry Nel.. I cannot say I know anything about it
Nel: [Talk] *beings to cry* why would selune do this to me...>AND strip my spells it doesnt make sense....
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel...trust me...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] as soon as he died, you became like that
Nel: [Talk] *shakes head* i adowke....injured and arrested.....and feeling strange...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] you hurt people
Nel: [Talk] Im so confused i dont get it...
Nel: [Talk] *sound's very weak*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] you betrayed Selune, and left you
[Mongolian_Weasel_Nei] Nei: [Talk] Sit down Nel, I'll take care of you
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] perhaps we should just let her rest for now...
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] **BOUNCE****BOUNCE****BOUNCE**
Nel: [Talk] *is laying in bed* no Nei...
[Mongolian_Weasel_Nei] Nei: [Talk] Everything will be okay
Nel : [Tell] lol
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] and continue this in the morning
Nel: [Talk] I dont want rest ! i want ANSWERS
Nel: [Talk] why are you all here...
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] we have none
Nel: [Talk] some of you look very worried.
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] I will clean up your house Nel, dont worry
Nel: [Talk] lies of Maeldun's death..
[Mongolian_Weasel_Nei] Nei: [Talk] *shakes head*
Nel: [Talk] No selenia made the mess SHE will clean it up
Nel: [Talk] *looks around her room* where are al my armors and weapons...
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] *sighs* you ransacked your own house
Nel: [Talk] this is So confuseing...
Nel: [Talk] I what !
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *Selenias voice from her room rises and falls slightly in pitch as she giggles away whole she bounces on her bed*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] **BOUNCE****BOUNCE****BOUNCE**
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] Weeeeeee!
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] i don't know where your things are
Nel : [Tell] berot has them
Nel: [Talk] Nei...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] I have them Nel
Nel: [Talk] what's going on..
[Mongolian_Weasel_Nei] Nei: [Talk] What is it Nel?
Nel: [Talk] why DO you have my armors and sword berto...
Nel: [Talk] what's goign on !
[Mongolian_Weasel_Nei] Nei: [Talk] I don't know Nel
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Tell] well what else am I going to do for a storyline that involves Selenia as not much more then decoration?
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] *shows Nel the scar on his back, leg, forhead, neck, arms*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] **BOUNCE****BOUNCE****BOUNCE**
Nel: [Talk] i Dont udnerstand anything....Maeldun is DEAD ! Selune has Beytrayed me ! and my friends are after my weapons...
Nel: [Talk] Berto...what happned ?
[Mongolian_Weasel_Nei] Nei: [Talk] Why don't you lay down we'll get everything worked out in teh morning
Nel: [Talk] *trys casting healing spell to no avil*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] you did them Nel
Nel: [Talk] no...
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] the best i can guess is your fiancee's death triggered something in you...you went on a rampage
Nel: [Talk] NO !
Nel: [Talk] berto it wasent me !
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] you hurt alot of people
Nel: [Talk] it was a shape shifting spell ! it wasent me
Nel: [Talk] no...i help people....
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] i know it wasnt Nel, it was Len
[Mongolian_Weasel_Nei] Nei: [Talk] .....
Nel: [Talk] Len ?
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] no, it really wasn't you, Nel...
Nel: [Talk] *confused LOok*
Nel: [Talk] noka... ?
Nel: [Talk] what's going on....none of you are making sense !
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] **BOUNCE****BOUNCE****BOUNCE**
[expansia] Nicha Aylows: [Talk] we don't exactly know what happened to you, so it's hard to explain it
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] *nods*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Len, well he was you after Maeldun dies
[LadyWehnoka] Wehnoka: [Talk] ooc still afk....hehe
Nel: [Talk] Me and Maeldun are getting Married tommory....
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] that is when you started kidnapping and hurting
Nel: [Talk] Kidnapping !
Nel: [Talk] what the HELL are you talking about !
Nel: [Talk] Berto are you SURE this was me...
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] Nel...please belive..i dont want to tell you this..but Maeldun is gone
[Mongolian_Weasel_Nei] Nei: [Talk] Settle down Nel.. Berto don't get her all worked up like that
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] *happy giggles as Sel ignores the shouting and keeps on bouncing*
[Brezgonne] Selenia Genoell: [Talk] **BOUNCE****BOUNCE****BOUNCE**
Nel: [Talk] *looks emotaionally strees and drainged..as well as phyiscally....best to put her to sleep VIA spell*
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] get some sleep Nel
Nel: [Talk] No *weak voice* ANSWERS..
[Mulder5452] Berto Amraphal: [Talk] good night
Nel: [Talk] *is asleep like baby*
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