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Guild Rules

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PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2003 7:28 pm    Post subject: Guild Rules Reply with quote

Here are the rules for the guild. Disobey them at your peril!

Honor Among Thieves – No stealing from or harming fellow members. Anyone else is free game unless otherwise stated.

Strength in Numbers/Rogues Unite!!! – If a fellow member is in trouble, it is your duty to help them out whenever they require it.

Alignment – The alignment of your character should be neutral or evil, preferably evil as the more evil you are, the more underhanded jobs you can do without your conscience kicking in.

Multiclassing – Now this is an optional thing, since there are no rules as such, but I would prefer members to take at least 3, preferably 5 levels of rogue. If you can’t manage that make sure you have at least 1 level of rogue!

Stealing – The joy of being a rogue! Check this link to get the full list of pickpocketing rules for Dysotopia.


Players in More Than one guild – Dyso has a “One guild per character” rule. This means that you can only be in one guild at a time for any one character. Of course you could falsely join another guild in order to spy on them, or make a new character to join a different guild. But what I don’t like is players that use secret guild information they have from one character to benefit one of their other characters that is not in the guild. It’s not roleplay, so don’t do it.

Players caught disobeying these rules (with the exception of the multiclassing one) could get kicked from the guild or punished depending on the severity of the incident.

These rules could get updated every now and then so you should check it occasionally. I'm also open to suggestions about new rules.

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