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A dire threat

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2003 4:59 pm    Post subject: A dire threat Reply with quote

Today, a pit friend who called himself Abbadon appeared in Kravenwood Estates. Fortunately two Knights of the Order, Tae and Meriorry were there. Tae spoke to this devil from the Nine Hells, and it stated that it sought the irradication of the OSB, presumably because we stand in the way of his desire to dominate Dysotopia. He also spoke of a coming dragon onslaught, led by a dragon named Shargaash. He stated the only way Dysotopia could be saved was with him as tyrant, leading the defense. The pit fiend tried to convince Tae to renounce the OSB and join him, but she of course refused. The pit fiend left, and soon thereafter a red dragon attacked Kravenwood. It was defeated by the combined effort of Tae, Solo Core, and others, but not before it killed some of the merchants and citizens.

I went back to the OSB Keep to ensure its security. Soon thereafter, a lantern archon appeared to me by the Altar to Helm. This celestial being then spoke, warning me about the pit fiend and its desire to wipe out the forces of law and good to further his own goals. The lantern archon warned that the Pit Fiend seeks to gain a foothold within our ranks, and to discredit us by the actions of Knights who have joined with him, to make us appear evil. All Knights must be wary for this tactic. I asked him about the dragons... he stated their goal is to gain dominion over the kingdoms of men, and much destruction along the way. They are not allied with the pit fiend, but the pit fiend seeks to use the circumstances to his advantage.

It seems we face two mighty foes who seek our destruction. May Helm guide us.
We must become the change we want to see.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2003 3:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh dear. Let me add to Muric's account.

I heard a whisper in the wind that something was afoot in Kraven. It turns out that the demon had appeared and was attacked by our citizens. Interestingly, he withdrew from the attack, wishing to speak.

A small crowd had gathered by the time I arrived. The demon appeared to be waiting for me and knew me by name. After he spoke of eliminating OSB, I mentioned I was a Knight. He indicated that he had already known that. Also, to my knowledge, I was the only OSB awake at the time, Meriorry joined later. However, neither Meriorry mentioned being a Knight, nor did the demon say anything to her.

I told him that if he really sought to eliminate OSB, he might as well start by killing me. I told him that to prove that OSB had no evil intents, I would not fight back and would die right then to spare the organization. The onlookers had some anti-OSB sentiment, and I hoped my example might prove something. The demon did not attack. The demon eventually left without any further incidient or physical harm.

All the while, the pit fiend kept insisting it was not a demon, but was a fallen angel.

Although most of the onlookers distrusted him, a few citizens seemed interested joining forces with him. This is especially relevant given Muric's account from the Archon.

A little while later, fire began to rain in Kravenwood and a dragon soon appeared. I asked why it was there; it said it wanted to feed. The poor merchants were its meal, I'm afraid. Although I had hoped to have the dragon leave without further incident, it attacked. Fortunately, no other lives -- other than the dragon's own -- were taken. After that, I immediately went to OSB Keep to check on things, but all was quiet. Muric appeared later and that's when I reported to him.

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