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Norrec. ((I cant think of a good title))

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2003 5:01 pm    Post subject: Norrec. ((I cant think of a good title)) Reply with quote

I got bored... Plus, I could wake up tommorow and these fourms wont even exsist. Enjoy the reading icon_smile.gif

Norrec remmbers none of his "real" parents. He grew up in a forest not to far from the City of Arabel. He was raised by a human named Gorg and taught to respect and protect nature. Gorg did not like Norrecs beard and had it magical removed when he was young. Norrec didn't like this when he learned of it. Gorg had told him he had just been... special. Norrec, a naturaly born explorer, desided to set out one day. The first place he came apone was Arabel. He thoght to himself "This could be a good place to start" and tried to make a few friends to come with him. He soon met a fellow dwarf by the name of Bolthor. Bolthor and Norrec traveled the area helping the people of Arabel. Norrec developed a great hate for halflings there, he also began calling only one halfling, a halflings. The halfling race was the core of all his troubles. He lost countless amonts of coin, weaponry, and such equitement to them over and over again. He voiced his hate for them and was then named the Hater of Halflings. One day he left the city and was ambushed there by two haflings, a human mage, and a Dire Bear. They beat him, robed him, then threw him in a dich, where he died.

However! Norrec had a brother. He had just learned of his brother from Gorg before he left. After countless weeks of questioning, Norrec discovered his brother was not to far away. They intened to meet. When Kentri arivvied he could not find Norrec. He quickly learned of his death and was greatly angered. He required, and took, revenge on those involved. After many years of training he had the skill and remenates to revive Norrec. They cursed the foul city and left it for good.

Kentri and Norrec travled the lands, they helped many lands with there problems and met many people which to call friends. One day, when they were in the port city of Unidan, Norrec grew a great interest in the sea. He found a job on a small tradeing boat set out to sea to further explore the lands. Kentri however choose to stay behind and help the poor people of Unidan.

Norrec had many adventures at sea. It did not take long for him to hear of the great island of Dysotopia. He wished to travel there, and he did. He had spent much time at sea and lost much of his skill. He now travels the lands with his knowledge. His 6th((I think....)) season he ventured to hunt ogres with some of his new found friends. He lost both of them that day, and lived to see 2 more die. He developed a great hate for the beast and in-titled himself to the status of Norrec the Ogre Slayer. He is now a memmber of the Druidic Circle and seeks to keep the peace threw out the land, why protecting the balance of course.

Why on the island, he made friends, he lost friends. Drow atempted to assinate him, and goblins tried to rob him. Vampires attacked him, and he even saved a halfling girls child... well sort of. However, Norrec evendully felt a need to explore. So his friend Zanterack and he travled to a new realm, Euron.

(( There you have it, its completely true by the way. Every part actully happened. Some parts are a little less discriptive, because I couldnt remmber it completely.))
Courage is not the absence of fear, but the presence of fear yet the will to go on.
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PostFri 07/11/03 6:18pm
And then his post was moved to the IC forum...  Reply with quote
PostFri 07/11/03 6:30pm
I was going to put it there... but its not really IC cause Norrec isint telling it...  Reply with quote
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