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And now for a word....

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The Wanderer

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2003 1:10 pm    Post subject: And now for a word.... Reply with quote

I've been IM'ing some of you, watching others and reading through the forums. And I realized that there has been dang little by way of official, or semi-official, information.

So - here's the story as I hear it... icon_wink.gif

Gorb and Foozbane have decided to take Dyso off of the server. That should be happening this morning sometime. In effect, this does kill Dyso. In it's place - last plan I heard - will be the Tuskan module that Falkhor, et al, have been working on.

Conrad, Gorb and I (and others) will be starting development on a new mod, that has yet to be named. (and yeah - the more I think about it, the more I like 'Exiled Spirits'... icon_wink.gif )

This doesn't really mean that Dyso is going to die or go away. As far as I know, Bri is still going to be working on it (I've heard nothing to contradict that to date) and may either open up his test server that's running Dyso SoU or will work to find a new server host. It's up to him.

This also doesn't mean that the community is going to disappear. I think that we can all agree that the heart of Dyso wasn't the code - or the areas - or the equipment.... it's y'all - the players. The forums are staying up (afaik) and should stay active.... we may just add a section for the new world. Provided what happens in the long run with the domain (dysotopia.com - again, depends on what Brian wants to do) - we may end up moving it to a new server. Naturally, we'll do our best to let everyone know.

Personally, while I am no longer going to code for Dyso - I will still try to DM and Mod while the game stays online... however bleak that may look now.

I guess the point of my message is simply this: Hang in there. The Community isn't going anywhere... While we may not have the actual Dyso mod to play with, there will be others (I know, not the same... and yes, I'll really miss Eleriina...)... and the ultimate fate of Dyso (whether this is it, or if he'll try to find a new host) is up to Bri.

For the last question: 'Why?! DANG YOU WHY?!!!' - that's a hard one to explain.

Each of us have our own reasons. I can't explain what led Gorb to make his decision - although I can say that he's been very close to pulling Dyso off his server for the last few months.

I have my own frustrations with Dyso right now... which led me to hang up my Dyso-Coding boots - regardless of what ever Gorb had decided to do. Likewise, Conrad has his reasons (many of which are similiar to mine) for retiring from Dyso coding.

I know that's kinda vague, but any more and we'd be here an hour while I typed this... icon_smile.gif There will probably be more later - hell, I expect someone out there to start writing 'The Rise and Fall of Dysotopia' pretty dang soon...

That's about it. I'll leave this as a semi-official post... icon_smile.gif Gorb will probably make an announcement soon about what's going on with the server... icon_smile.gif

Y'all have fun! See you around the boards!

Glithander Ej'lahona
The Wanderer from the Shadows.

Mood of the Moment:
"I Feed the Pidgeons - I Sometimes Feed the Sparrows too. It gives me a sense of enormous well-being."
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Marquis Drayfox
PostFri 07/11/03 1:19pm
You should stickify this and lock it... it really doesn't need replies. icon_wink.gif  Reply with quote
PostFri 07/11/03 1:32pm
Good Call Fox... icon_wink.gif

 Reply with quote
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