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a Query into the nature of Har Rhun

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Little Teapot
PostWed 10/22/03 2:02am
how HCR is this? laid back? or is it fairly HCR with no compensation like Dyso in it's latter days?  Reply with quote
Conrad Hollows
Har-Rhun Project Leader

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 2:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Depends on what you mean by HCR ... the game is running on the "hardcore" setting if that is what you mean.

If you are talking the HCR rule packages that are out there, not using any of that stuff. XP system is stock at this point, tho scaled to keep moving up levels an orderly process and not a 2 hour affair. A couple weeks of work and you'll be around level 15 or so, generally speaking, if you play it right. With the advent of a few of the new encounters, it might be easier now than it was before when there were very few things with a CR over, say, 10. The difference here with Dyso is that Dyso was full of monsters that kicked your butt unless you got to level 13-14 pretty fast. Landsize-wise, Har-Rhun is a bigger than Dyso but the vast majority of stuff is all geared to the lower and mid-level characters hence you can be level 9 and have a lot to do and not just one or two spots you are limited to go to if you wanna avoid being dead.

As we go along, newer areas are going in with progressively harder stuff, but it's a sequential undertaking and we're not out to rush it too much. There are some folks who have made it to level 17-18 or so and they basically have a rather boring existance as they're pretty much more powerful than anything in the module. Of course they've been working with those same characters for about a month or more. The whole "theory" here between Griff and I was make the vast beginning stuff geared to those lower levels so you don't get the bottlenecks of everyone in the same spots screaming at each other over who gets to kill which spawn. You can move out and around and get xp pretty much anywhere and most of the spawns will spawn with difficulty based on your level.

Probably the "biggest" hardcore points of the module are it being mostly full PVP outside the first 3-4 zones and that you can only rest once every 15 min of real time. After that we've been working on removing a lot of the big immunity items (or limiting such immunities to maybe one particular item ... like freedom, for example, will only be on the Ring of Power). Lack of haste is probably the biggest "turn off" to a lot of people since we're working on removing most instances (if not all) of "always on" haste. Items like boots of speed are replaced with new versions that have a Unique Power on Self option that give you a 35% movement speed increase for 10 min real time. No AC bonus or whatever ... but it does let you walk around quicker. The boots of speed (new ones) do come with a +2 dex bonus so they do have value outside the movement increase. People complain, and I've heard it more than once, that since there is so much land area to cover people don't like moving without haste. I understand that point of view but basically classes like monks and barbarians have movement increases as some of the biggest perks to those classes ... if everyone has boots of speed, then that perk is useless. This was our best possible compromise without totally doing away with them completely.
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