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PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:42 pm    Post subject: Postage Reply with quote

Well finally this is unlocked and people can post here well at least i can, But when Jon left and the server fell through. I restarted TS under the server muric was hosting, So even though im not able to play until i return. This will be a hello to all who use to be in TS.

Please feel free to post if you use to be in TS and who your character was. Also feel free to post a memory or two.

Lets see shortly after joining TS, i was haning out with jon whom i believe was playing valas at the time. When we were invited by Black paladin, i think the moderators name was Uin, it was a female character but some others i believe where associated with LGoG, to render ourservices. They umm found a "key" into the castle that use to sit outside of Kraven wood, I think this was owned by OSB or whom ever westwhitewind was. We then proceed to take in the scenery of the castle and rape and pillage what we could while we where getting payed as mercenarys to do it. Was a splended sight to see the faces of certain individuals when they heard how we defiled there guild headquarters lol.

Feel free to share
Order Of The White Rose

Tempest Steel
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