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 Post subject: Galen Raniel, Human Cleric of Kelemvar
PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:46 pm 
Sith Knight

Joined: Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:05 am
Posts: 44
((Not my image, but Aragorn is what I based his looks off of. If someone can find a black haired, bastard sword wielding, dark armored pic, let me know.))

Vitals: Age: 27. Height: 5'10", 158 pounds, 14 charisma. Black Hair, gray eyes, ok build with a week old beard. Usually wearing darker colored armor and either a black or gray cloak. The symbol of Kelemvor can be seen around his neck and on the hit of the bastard sword that he carries. Etched upon the bastard sword's blade is 'The City of Judgement awaits. Death is only the beginning' written in Celestial. He is easy to talk to and knows how to shape words to give comfort, but his entire demeanor changes if you are an enemy. The voice that can give so much comfort changes to that of ice, the grave and fear.


Born on the outskirts of Waterdeep to a merchant family, Galen Rainel had a great childhood. He learned the basics of brewing alcohol from his father, Garrett, and decided that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. By the age of 10, Galen had already surpassed the skill and knowledge his father had and simply took over the brewing of all the Rainel family brews. Galen's father was a little put out, but Galen's promotion allowed him more time to get more contacts to sell the families brew and also allowed him to spend more time with his family. Garrett was then blessed with a daughter, Marie.

Galen's skill and ability to find the best flavors and ingredients to put in a brew were uncanny. Before he turned the age of 15, Galen had produced several different brews, the most popular being the famous, smooth, 'Galen's Brew'. Galen designed alcohol for all walks of life. For the arcane magic types, there was the 'Brain Freeze.' Just a standard ale, but does not give the user a hangover. For the more brave, there is the 'Dwarf on the Floor.' Named after the unfortunate dwarven drink tester he hired who passed out after a tankard. 'Firebrew' allowed the drinker to light his breath on fire. 'Berry Brew' was made for the female drinker, 'Salt Lick' was made for the more rowdy. 'Baby Brew' was non-alcoholic, fermented juice made specifically for his little sister. 'The Unnamed' was a beer that was originally a reject, was produced by Garrett for the less wealthy man in mind. 'Galen's Shine,' which was made in a small test, was rumored to be so strong of an alcohol, the person drinking it passed out after three sips.

When Galen was 18, he met a red-headed woman named Brianne. It was love at first sight for the pair of them and in a little over a year, the pair was married. Galen produced some of his best drinks during this time. Everything seemed to go his way. It seemed as if his life was blessed by the gods. At the age of 21, Galen's life began to fall apart. Brianne contracted an odd illness. Whenever she walked in the sun, she grew weaker and weaker, to the point where she could not carry herself. Clerics from around Waterdeep tried to find the cause of the illness, but to no avail. Brianne died shortly after Galen's 22nd birthday. Three days after the funeral, Galen received word that Brianne's grave was exhumed and the body of his wife was no where to be found. Two pieces of cloth were found nailed to the headstone. One was a triangle purple cloth with yellow drops and the other was a black sun with a jaw less skull on it. Closer inspection of the area found two sets of foot prints walking to the grave, and three sets walking away.

Putting his life as a brewer on hold, and leaving the business to his father, Galen left Waterdeep to join the church of Kelemvor. Of the several priests that had visited him during the days after his wife's death, only Kelemvor's brought him true comfort. Now he dedicates his life on preventing anyone from having to go through the pain he has and to repay Kelemvor for the peace his priests brought him.

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 Post subject: Re: Galen Raniel, Human Cleric of Kelemvar
PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:02 am 
Sith Knight

Joined: Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:31 pm
Posts: 154
here's a copy of what blahness98 posted in as he mentioned "andre's forum " ;)

((I remember Andre asking for info on Galen, so.. Here is the base write up.))


Age: 24
Looks like the picture, but instead of the swords, replace it with the wicked looking scythe below.



Galen grew up as a farmhand and a proud member of the militia. He saved his earnings from both jobs in order to start a small brewery in the village he grew up in. Not much of note occurred during that time, aside from creating some of the strongest brews around. When he is not in his barn thinking of new and different ways to make his brews better, he is working his small plot of land.

Galen has produced several good brews over the years, his most famous being 'Galen's Brew.' It has a honey taste is taken in sips and a giant kick to it if downed quickly. He has made other drinks, but several have not been sold as either Galen deemed them to be of poor quality or too strong for the normal person to drink. As a side note, Galen did produce a drink so powerful that a dwarf passed out after a single tankard. He now calls it 'Dwarf on the Floor'. Other drinks of note are:
'Galen's Shine': No longer produced due to complaints of being to strong for taverns
'Galen's Firebrew': Produced in small quantities, but worth the money if you can find it. Drinker can light breath on fire after drinking a bottle.
'Berry Brew': A lighter berry taste with a small kick (a modern wine cooler)
'Drunk Cow': An odd combination of a cheese mixed with 'Galen's Brew' and a secret ingredient that creates a potent, but interesting flavored brew.
'The Salt Lick': Think modern day tequila.
'The Un-Named': Although considered by Galen to be a reject and unfitting of a proper name, this is a poor man's ale.

Galen is sometimes seen with a wicked looking scythe when on a mission with the militia, but does not explain where he got it from or why it is so evil looking. Truth of the matter is, the scythe came from a black robed figure that attempted to kill Galen's family. Galen's timely arrival and a thrown sword later saved the day and netted him a new scythe.

Since Galen was a character of mine from a different campaign with an application process, I'll post his application as well. Andre, if you want his sheet, let me know. I'll send it your way. I think this is enough of his personality if you wanted to throw him in someplace.

Warning! Will be a wall of text..


1.What is your character’s favorite;
Color: Brown
Food: Ale baked Cod
Time of day: Late Afternoon
Smell: Hops, Barley, and Wheat
Alcoholic beverage: The brew he makes himself
Language: Dwarvish for the curses
Word: Take your pick of Dwarvish curses
Type of plant: Hops, Barley, and Wheat
Animal: Dog
Mineral: Salt
Mathematical theorem: His own recipe for the drink he calls “Galen's Brew”

Piece of religious dogma or scripture (Greyhawk pantheon, obscure or otherwise)

2. Describe, briefly, your character’s ideal situation in the world.
His ideal situation would be brewing “Galen's Brew” full time at a large brewery he would own. Galen would then spend his time perfecting other brews and spending the rest of his days with friends and family.

3. Where does your character see themselves in ten years time currently?
Owning his own brewery, mass producing his own “Galen's Brew.” Have a house and possily some children to teach how to brew a proper drink.

4. Describe, briefly, your character’s ideal house (place of residence)
Small house, big enough for a few children and a wife and a large barn with the proper tools for brewing alcohol to test new ideas for drinks. Since he would use a lot of different ingredients for his brew, a small patch of land to farm would be nearby.

5. What doesn’t your character like about themselves? What would they change?
Sometimes he drinks far too much than what he really should and says things that he doesn't mean. He would try to cut back on the drink, but his hobby deems it hard to do so.


Describe your character’s likely actions in the following situations.
1.Your character, and three other PCs, are lost in the wilderness and find a ring of three wishes.
He would wish for the way out of the wilderness and back to his home. Aside from that, he would not care less about the other wishes. He may be tempted to wish for money to start a brewery, but would consider that secondary to the other people's wishes.

2.Your character returns home to find that a powerful wizard is mind-controlling their home town. However, it is now a utopia.
People should have free will and he would fight to get that free will back. It would not be an open war, just an underground movement if he could get some help.

3.Your character and a friend are walking through a seemingly endless desert. You have a single water skin left, and no means of obtaining more.
He would share the water with the friend and hope to find more.

4.Your character and a friend are in single figure hit points deep in enemy territory, and your only healing is two clw potions that your character holds. (These will get either one of you to half, or both of you to quarter)
Quickly and carefully find a way out of the area and to friendly ground or a place where patrols would not find them and slowly recover. He would try to save the potions for emergency uses only, like if his friend went down and was dying.

5. Your character returns home to find their house is now being used as a pig farm by a man who has a forgery of the deeds.
Since his home is where he keeps his recipes, he would fight tooth and nail to get his land back. If that didn't work, he would persuade the person to giving his land back.

6. Your character is eating lunch in the forest, and a mangy looking dog, obviously starving, sidles up and starts making eyes at them.
Since he likes dogs, Galen would share his lunch with the dog hoping to get a new pet out of the deal.

7. Your character finds the remains of a trader’s caravan. All the traders appear to have been killed by wild animals. However, in a box in one of the carts is an exotic looking purple egg as wide as a man’s waist.
He would look for anything else and take it. He would see if anyone was expecting a shipment and then give it back.

8. A local official is demanding that your character go hunt down some outlaws in the local woods. She’s not going to pay you because she thinks you should do it out of the goodness of your hearts, and says so.
He would ask for a favor later at some point and do what the person asks.

9. Your character discovers that a crazy elf has been poisoning the water supply. However, your character also knows that revealing this may heighten racial tension, and innocents may die.
He would make the elf drink his own water and if the elf dies blame it on tainted water.

10. Your character finds their way blocked by a door that is radiating strong evil.
He would find another way around not wanting to mess with that sort of evil.

(A note: anyone wishing to have their character involved with another PC prior to the campaign should discuss it with the player before mentioning it here. That said, I fully endorse love triangles)
Describe your character’s relationship with their parent(s). Do they talk? Do they remember birthdays?
He has moved away from his parents but does write letters every now and then to make sure they know he is doing ok and to get news about them. He plans an extended trip once a year to visit them.

Describe your character’s attitudes towards romance
He tries, but usually needs a little liquid help in order to get things started. Once he gets going he will come out of his shell.

Describe your character’s attitudes towards sex (If the answer to both 2 & 3 is “not really interested”, or “would rather read a good book”, please proceed to section D)
He wouldn't mind, but he is not the one night stand type. He wants to settle down at some point and have children

Describe your character’s attitude towards the opposite sex
He likes women and likes to look at them. He just needs help to talk to them. He doesn't mind the strong straight forward type to take charge.

Has your character had boyfriends or girlfriends in the past?
Yes he has had a few.

If so, how many? How far did they get? How did it end?
4, but nothing ever got too serious. Just the puppy love and hot and heavy beginnings. He would typically drink too much and do something to cause the end of the relationship.

What, if anything, does your character perceive as constituting a relationship? Is a girl that they’ve kissed once their girlfriend?
Seeing each other regularly out of a work environment and possibly kissing would define a relationship.

Does your character see marriage as an impending doom, or something that will happen in a hazy, far-off future?
Marriage is something he wants to do, but he wants to get his brewery started.

What, if anything, does your character perceive as cheating?
Seeing his girlfriend kissing another person or anything sexually related would be cheating.

How badly disfigured/polymorphed would a partner have to be before your character ditched them?
He doesn't know. He will cross that bridge if it comes.

Does your character think that all sex with a nonhumanoid is bestiality? What if they are sentient? Polymorphed? A construct? Where do they draw the line?
If it is a barnyard animal, he considers that to be bestiality. The other part he will decide once something happens to make him actually think about it.

Describe, in twenty words or less, your character’s ideal romantic partner. Bonus points if in haiku form.

Fresh from the bath
Firelight licking her skin
Love after midnight

Describe, in detail, your character’s bedroom currently
Small desk full of papers with different formulas and recipes for brews he would like to try. The floor would have crumpled paper all over it. There would be glasses with some different colored drinks in it and probably different types of grain.

Now, describe your character’s bedroom when no-one else has bothered to clean it in a month
See above, but add mold to the glasses and probably dust.

What kind of shoes does your character wear?
Comfortable boots/ work shoes.

What has been the most terrifying moment in your character’s life to date?
Leaving his parents home and starting a new life in a place he did not know.

As a child, what kind of hi-jinx was your character likely to get up to when left unsupervised?

As an adolescent, what kind of hi-jinx was your character likely to get up to when left unsupervised?
Sneaking into the tavern to try mixing different ales and then trying the mixture and if he thought it good, giving to to random customers and watching their reactions.

Did your character pay attention in school? What did they do instead of paying attention? Was your character a bully?
He paid attention during the math and biology related classes as he knew what he wanted to do since he tried his first ale. He was not a bully as he tried to keep his head down and get through the days.

Where does your character spend the most time currently?
In his room, thinking of recipes or in the kitchen testing ideas.

Did your character ever have any pets? What happened?
He has had several dogs. He likes dogs because they make for good company. All have died from natural causes.

Give a brief overview of important events in your character’s life to date. (Those of you with biographies already needn’t answer this)

Does your character hold a grudge?
Not really. It takes a lot to make him hold a grudge.

What is the longest standing grudge your character has held?
About two months after he caught a girlfriend cheating on him.

Has your character ever been provoked into, or provoked a fight with someone? When? Who came out worse for wear?
He provoked a fight with the man his girlfriend was cheating on him with. He won the fight as the other guy was more talk than action.

How easily would your character be provoked into violence?
If he was drinking a lot, probably easily. If not, it would be harder.

In what circumstances could your character be provoked into violence?
See above.

Does your character regard violence as necessary? Obsolete?
He regards violence as a means to an end. If it is needed he would do it.

If your character wanted to kill another person in their home town, how would they be likely do it?
He would probably come straight up and do it and attempt to run.

How would your character express hatred? How would they treat someone that they hated, socially?

How does your character define forgiveness?

What is the most spiteful thing that your character has ever done? Are they ashamed of it, or do they
believe it was justified?

Hair color? Naturally? Otherwise?
Brown hair.

Hairline? Hair length?
Full head of short hair.

Eye color?

What’s their complexion like? Do they sunburn easily?
Sun tanned skin from long days in the field.


Weight? (Take a rough guess)

Build? (Are they broad shouldered? Wide hipped? Busty?)
Strong athletic type that looks like he can handle himself.

What does your character wear on a daily basis? (N.b. Your characters are not adventurers at this point, so no answers of chain mail or traveler’s outfit, please) Describe colors, fit, and generally your character’s fashion sense or lack thereof.

Casual farmhand clothes. He works a small patch of land in his free time and brews what he raises. Otherwise he wears the same style working as a farmhand.

 Post subject: Re: Galen Raniel, Human Cleric of Kelemvar
PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:16 pm 
Sith Knight

Joined: Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:31 pm
Posts: 154
handy dandy online reference to Galen's god Kelemvor ;)


So does this mean he commands undead to fight on his side or is he more of an undead hunter? :) got the impression reading the wiki it was the latter nor the former but could be wrong ...

Also executor I know you're busy now but when you get a chance - how common is knowledge of Kelemvor? that is would any PC in the group know who the god was as soon as his name was mentioned ? (I'm sure Felanus the paladin would though I could be wrong ;) )

 Post subject: Re: Galen Raniel, Human Cleric of Kelemvar
PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:02 am 
Sith Knight

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I was going to type a long spiel, but the wiki does it better..

The death clergy as they are known have many duties, most involve tending to the last wishes of the dying and provide burial services to those who die alone. They also set out to cure diseases and defend people from monsters so that folk do not die before their time. Their final and debatably most important task is the destruction of undeath in all its various forms as it is an affront to Kelemvor. Elite priests of Kelemvor are known as Doomguides. Servants of Kelemvor are usually clad in somber gray vestments and brandish hand-and-a-half swords, or Bastard Sword.

I am planning on making him a Doomguide, so he will be in the middle of the spectrum as far as his duties. Still working on the write up though, have a lot of ideas to kick around yet.

 Post subject: Re: Galen Raniel, Human Cleric of Kelemvar
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:10 am 
Sith Knight

Joined: Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:05 am
Posts: 44
Posted a quick background. Not my best work, but it's there and I haven't had time to do a good background.

 Post subject: Re: Galen Raniel, Human Cleric of Kelemvar
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:35 pm 
Sith Knight

Joined: Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:31 pm
Posts: 154
blahness98 wrote:
Posted a quick background. Not my best work, but it's there and I haven't had time to do a good background.

For what my humble opinion is worth I thought it was pretty good personally :) ... guys blahness edited his first post on this thread to include the background he just mentioned (in case anyone was stupid like me and was looking at this thread going " I don't get it, I don't see the background he's talking about " :P )

Marie's his sister eh? Cool :) ... (Marie is the PC blahness was playing the first FG game I was in with him as a fellow player, "sword and quill" campaign )

 Post subject: Re: Galen Raniel, Human Cleric of Kelemvar
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 4:16 pm 
Imperial Super Star Destroyer

Joined: Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:24 am
Posts: 257
Looks good to me, with one tiny exception.

The coffin should be missing as well. Since in D&D, vampires need their coffin to go on existing. if the coffin is destroyed, they are too. It's their link to unlife. So it'd need to be missing, but that's a minor fact really.

In dragonlance i considered being a vampire who stuffs her coffin into a bag of holding :P

 Post subject: Re: Galen Raniel, Human Cleric of Kelemvar
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:28 pm 
Sith Knight

Joined: Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:05 am
Posts: 44
I left what she intentionally open. I don't know exactly what type of undead she is, only that she is undead. A vampire works, otherwise she can be something else. I did make the edit so the symbols were nailed to the headstone I stead. Just wanted to add in the symbols for rival deities as another excuse for him to become a cleric of kelemvor.

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