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Joel Thornton

2015 151st Ave SE
Bellevue, WA

About Me

I am a passionate polyglot programmer with a focus on producing elegant, functional code. I bring an optimistic "can-do" attitude, a breadth of technical and design skills, an eye for good UX, and a strong desire to advance and hone my skills.

My goal is to work for an ethically-minded company, working on interesting and challenging projects with awesome people.


Work Experience

Amazon (2013-2018)
Software Development Engineer 2
  • Top code contributor and code reviewer on the Kindle Web Reader and Amazon Internal Wiki teams
  • Key architect of the modular presentation framework used by Kindle Web Reader, built with Typescript, SASS, RequireJS, and Grunt
  • Co-authored the security and threat model documentation covering multiple versions of both Kindle Web Reader and Amazon Internal Wiki, formally audited by Amazon
  • Designed and implemented a mission-critical, multi-region cloud-based clustering server architecture for the Amazon Internal Wiki with "Tier 0" availability (e.g. if AWS goes down, the wiki still works)
  • Created the design process guide and design document template for the Amazon Internal Wiki team. These were subsequently adopted and used successfully by the team's broader parent org.
  • Designed and implemented the SQL database on Android for a new feature on Kindle Fire tablets
  • Served as scrummaster across all my teams, then initiated and established a teamwide scrummaster rotation and mentored other scrummasters to foster teamwide product-level thinking
  • Championed the adoption of the Git flow workflow strategy, and good Git hygiene in general, across multiple teams
  • Contributed positively to my teams' cultures by hosting team events, sharing workflow tips, and advocating for developer quality-of-life improvements and tech debt burndown in story planning
Freelance (2011-2013)
  • Devised, implemented, and documented a superset of Markdown, InterviewMD, which enables non-developers to easily create data-bound web forms tied to a dynamically generated RDBMS model on the server side. Built with Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and OpenEMR
  • Independently created Sidewise, a donationware-driven Google Chrome extension comprising 18k+ LOC. Built with Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and the Chrome Extension API
Total Living Choices (1999-2011)
Director of Software Engineering; Chief Developer
  • Led the development of a web-based hospital discharge management application with Fax, SMS, HL7, REST capabilities, using Java/Spring3 and MS SQL Server/SSRS on the backend
  • Created multiple DB-web applications to enable searching, ranking, appointment scheduling, and education about long-term care providers, using C#, ASP, XSLT, and MS SQL Server/SSRS
  • Devised a fax-based UI paradigm allowing computerless users to interact with the company's products via forms-based OCR processing and SMS
  • Created an ETL process including a custom flat-text-to-data-table parser for deduplicating and importing provider data from 100+ disparate sources, using SQL Server, SSIS and C#
  • Collaborated on the company's physical server/network infrastructure design and subsequent migration to a VM-based infrastructure
  • Researched, wrote, and implemented the company's HIPAA policies and procedures, and served as company's HIPAA Privacy Officer, Security Officer, and in-house trainer
  • Managed a 4-person development team including hiring/firing and implementation of Agile processes
  • Improved team workflow by introducing improved version control (SVN), issue tracking (Jira), and internal documentation (wiki) software and process
  • Worked with Customer Support and Sales teams to create a Customer Support Triage Workflow with Salesforce integration and round-robin phone+SMS system
Mirage Marketing (1996-1998)
Developer, Manager
  • Created MS Access-based application to manage entire department's employees and generate weekly payroll
  • Managed 300 home-based contractors

Technical Skills

Javascript/ES6/Typescript, Python, Java, C#, PHP, Lua, SQL, regex, bash
Spring, Android, RequireJS, Grunt, JQuery, Underscore
MS SQL Server/SSRS/SSIS, MySQL, SQLite, DynamoDB, Hive, Google App Datastore, MS Access
Server Stacks
Windows Server, Linux Server, VMWare, AWS
Git, Atlassian Suite, Office, Photoshop